Need friends

I am not new to MFP but I am looking for some new friends to help and keep me motivated. I lost 64lbs but unfortunately, I gained half of it back. I finally got motivated again and I am slowly losing the weight. Most of MFP friends have disappeared, dropped out,etc and I am just looking for some pals to keep motivated. I log on every day! Thanks!


  • amyn73
    amyn73 Posts: 241 Member
    Add me! Same boat.
  • darleamccaffrey
    darleamccaffrey Posts: 6 Member
    I added the 3 of you :) I'm almost at the end of my weight loss journey but still as motivated as ever :) let me know if you get the add I'm newish here
  • errickar
    errickar Posts: 122 Member
    I sent everyone a request. Feel free to add me! :)
  • spatter01
    spatter01 Posts: 10 Member
    I sent you all requests :)
  • I'm new also
  • rafna32
    rafna32 Posts: 5 Member
    I’m also new, need friends to keep me motivated in losing weight
  • kiwiandcoconuts
    kiwiandcoconuts Posts: 19 Member
    Feel free to add me as well! Took a break for a bit and I’m back and on track logging on daily. Have about 20-30lbs to lose
  • tallbanyan
    tallbanyan Posts: 65 Member
    Always happy to add more friends! I try to be active here.
  • fairytale_babe
    fairytale_babe Posts: 391 Member
    Hi I am new and would love some friends 🤗 feel free to add me as I have no clue how 🤣
  • rcox1274
    rcox1274 Posts: 1 Member
    Me too!! I need friends. I have been back at it for about a week. I am down @ 9 lbs. I am also 45 so it won’t drop that fast for long.😁
  • 1eyejack
    1eyejack Posts: 5 Member
    Enjoy supporting others, also looking for friends. Feel free and add. Good luck everyone.
  • cheylahazell94
    cheylahazell94 Posts: 2 Member
    I don't know how to add people 😂 feel free to add me I need motivation
  • Denisey445
    Denisey445 Posts: 11 Member
    Me too, feel free to add me. I have got to do better on figuring out how to use MFP. Looks like there are a lot of people who don't know how to add. I'm just starting back up and determined to lose through the holiday so I'm back in shape by my birthday! Good luck everyone.
  • EternallyAngela
    EternallyAngela Posts: 10 Member
    Getting back into it again myself and in the same friend boat! Add me! Adding all of you now 😊
  • TMKahler
    TMKahler Posts: 2 Member
    Would gladly welcome friends... I’m on a restart as I “slipped” back to hold ways & habits 😊
  • KAR1271
    KAR1271 Posts: 3 Member
    Me too!!
  • VicSan29
    VicSan29 Posts: 8 Member
    Me three! 😀
  • Wycaoak
    Wycaoak Posts: 26 Member
    Just getting started, have 250 pounds to lose! Would love to connect and make the journey a fun one!
  • manuelcaregiving
    manuelcaregiving Posts: 4 Member
    You can add me if you like . I just started my weight loss journey .