Help anyone?

Been starting lifting for 3 months im just wondering how can i lose the extra fat on my stomach it's saggy and soft it's a bit mix of excess skin and visceral fat. im eating at my maintenance level i don't want to cut my caloric intake as im thin already im 116 lbs 5"6 in heaight here's a picture of me.hope someone can help me outlgt9lm13rbywm.jpeg


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    Body fat comes off where it wants to. The best thing to do is keep doing what you’re doing (it looks like you lift weights?) and be patient. If you don’t lift, I would find a program and start. It usually takes much longer than people expect to get where you want to be, especially when you are as lean as you already are. (Like could even take a year.)
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    Keep lifting and eat more. You need to grow your muscles.
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    Your stomach doesn’t look fat at all in that picture to me. Just natural woman shape.
  • You are pretty lean already. Not sure you need to lose. You could eat at maintenance and follow a lifting programme.

    Or you could do a bulk and cut cycle.
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    You don't look like you have any fat to spare, honestly. Even when I was underweight--i got down to 95 lbs at 5'0"--I always had a "soft spot" over my abs. You can try building and toning your core muscles and see if that tightens your abs up any, but I don't think losing fat is your issue at this point
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    i have a similar situation. in that you can see that midline a bit, and some sculpting on the sides, but not much horizontal definition. but, i did the dexa and can’t afford to lose more body fat. i also have been lifting religiously for only several months. from what i’ve read and heard from trainers, it will likely take about a year of a reasonable lifting program that results in failure at 10-12 reps (x3) to build enough muscle to really see it. that said, i’ve gained substantial strength in the six months i’ve been lifting. and, i’m transitioning to a program with heavier weight, increased sets at lower reps (failure at 3-6), and more rest time in order to build substantial muscle mass (for osteoporosis prevention).

    i will say this - you look amazing. we don’t need to get super cut, unless we are competing or modeling. if you want to show definition from your hard work, focus on areas of your body that will show it more - maybe arms, legs, back. for me, especially my arms and shoulders represent well the work i do. and, i suspect that if i can pump up my butt and hips a bit, my waist will look a little trimmer. just some thoughts.... good work lifting!
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    Given that you are borderline underweight, the biggest thing holding you back is a lack of muscle. Its pretty common, in my experience, to see this in those who are close to underweight. You can try to recomp, but the more likely thing that will be required is a bulk/cut cycle to get where you want.

    Step one is to get on a structured lifting routine. Bump protein up a bit higher and be consistent in a gym. Then you can look to bulk.