Weight loss with calorie counting only.

Hello all! I am just getting restarted and in a world that seems like everyone is doing Keto, I just dont think it's for me. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their success stories from calorie counting only. Thanks!


  • thanos5
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    i lost about 70lbs in a year strictly doing calorie counting.
  • LyndaBSS
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    I've lost 35 pounds so far, with 35 left to lose, by eating a pescatarian diet and staying in a calorie deficit. No real exercise.
  • BarbaraHelen2013
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    At the end of the day ALL weight loss plans (if they have a hope in hell of working) depend on calorie counting.

    It’s well hidden in some ‘plans’ but be assured that someone, somewhere worked out the calories carefully behind the meal plan they claim to give results.

    If a ‘plan’ claims you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight then it’s simply not going to work.

    It’s simple physics: Energy in (calories) must be less than Energy out (living process & exercise) in order to make your body call on your fat stores to fuel the difference.
  • imranweb7
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    Keto is not for all or even not for a long term diet. A professional trainer can give better answer.

    Calorie count is a very good way to gain/lost weight. Depends on the person the strategic decision you can take.

    For my case, I am doing exercise for last 5 months (45 min each, 3 days / week). I was not careful about calorie. I ate a lot without any considerations. This is why I didnt lost in first 4 months of exercise. But I have started getting results from last month when I have taken strategic movement as I found my cholesterol is very high.

    After studying online, as my focus to reduce weight, lower the cholesterol (Triglyceride), I initially measured my body and other fat, level of protein, BMI etc. I used a very cheap body fat scale (not accurate but can work) to get this matrix. Using a very cheap tracker for tracking my steps and sleep status, set my BMR and planned how much calorie and carbohydrate I will consume every day.

    Please be sure that online BMR calculator is not perfect as they don't know matrix that I mentioned above.

    If you want to loss weight fast beside calorie, carbohydrate should be taken care of.

    I also would like to mention only diet is not good I think. Better to do exercise to see/think yourself active/energetic.

    Finally, I didn't cut too much food. I am on Indian diet taking meal 4 times a day but I reduced calorie and carbohydrate consumption, doing 1 hour exercise 4-5 days per week and with my 30% body fat I lost 19 pounds in last 4 weeks.
  • Shortgirlrunning
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    I’ve lost 50 lbs so far with 35 to go from counting calories (I workout too but don’t do anything fancy/special with my diet). It’s really pretty simple. As long as I stick to my calorie goal, I lose weight. When I don’t I either maintain or gain.

    Of course, simple doesn’t mean easy!
  • RelCanonical
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    I've lost about 60 pounds with just calorie counting. I don't watch my macros too closely, although I do check to make sure I'm not too low on fat or protein, as they help me with satiety.
  • MySlimGoals
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    I've lost 33lb so far (15kg) and it is all down to calorie counting. I hardly do any exercise at all although I am planning on doing more soon as I wish to be fit and toned as well. At the start of my journey there were entire days I would spend in bed and I still lost staying within my calorie deficit. I have a lot more energy now and don't feel as tired all the time.
  • riffraff2112
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    I lost about 30 lbs 5 years ago. Just calorie counting. I lift weights and do a little cardio but I always had so it was all due to the counting of calories and making a change to eating at a specific calorie goal and not eliminating foods.
  • bobsburgersfan
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    I've lost 40 pounds (so far) with just calorie counting. I still eat the same foods and focus on smaller portions. I've made some changes, but I haven't made any changes I'm not willing to make permanently. I would say that my overall eating habits have gotten healthier - I eat at home more often and incorporate more vegetables.

    You can definitely do this without having to follow any kind of special diet!