Big weight loss without exercise is possible!


The left I was around 200lbs (not my biggest RECORDED which was 215lbs) on the right I weigh 128lbs. I lost over 70lbs just in this last year with no exercise after being struck with a condition called Transverse Myletis and losing feeling in my legs, I’m mostly recovered now but excessive exercise can lead to a numb sensation in my legs so I have to be careful.

I see a lot of questions about not wanting to exercise for whatever your personal circumstances are (insecurity, illness, fear) and I hope this can inspire and show you it’s possible 💪🏻


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    Inspiration, indeed! :)

    Thank your for posting this as, yeah, there does seem to be a dearth of success stories on here concerning such - ;). Especially so for those with physically invisible/silent reasons behind taking this route. However, research findings published concerning weight loss are just as much on the side of people who choose diet alone as those who choose the exercise or diet + exercise routes. Exercise is great, and sure it can provide many benefits/advantages, but it is not a requisite to being successful. At all.
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    Wow, good for you! How long did it take? Did you follow any specific plan or just CICO?
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    Wow, good for you! How long did it take? Did you follow any specific plan or just CICO?

    So out of the 6stone I lost I lost 5 over this past year. I didn’t follow a specific plan although I would set myself challenges and tried keto at one point which helped me lose around 30lbs!
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    Wow you look amazing