Successful Start - Again 😊 1 month in down 21.8 lbs

Today is 1 month on my quest to lose 1/2 my size. Back in 2004 after a lifetime of being overweight and failing to get fit - I finally got motivated and lost 355 lbs. I went from 562.3 down to 207 at 6’2” tall. I kept it off for 7 years then started to slowly go back to my poor lifestyle choices. Stoped exercising, started eating not good choices. I gained back (starting 2013 to last month) 207 lbs. got to love the symmetry right? 😊. Anyway, 1 mont h in and feeling great and determined. At 60 I hope to never forget again what is important.

Hope everyone is doing great. If I can be of any assistance - please let me know.

I wish everyone all the best!