About to joing a gym to tackle my obesity and become healthy

Hi there,so I have decided to join a gym to help me to get fit and be healthy.I plan to do weigh training and cardio classes as thats what I found keeps me motivated.I know it will be hard and I fear of how I will be 'accepted' in the gym.I dnt want anyone to stare at me,I hate being the centre of attention
any advice for a newbie at the gym to help with self confidence once there?thanks


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    Thank youbfor your encouragement.
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    Kudos to you for wanting to get fitter and healthier. I have been going to the gym on and off for years more off than on though due to health issues. But I soon got over my embarrasment as I found people were either helpful or ignored me. Most people are just there for themselves you will barely register on them. So hold your head up, be proud that you are doing something important for yourself, work hard and you will soon reap the benefits and after a few weeks you will wonder why you were worried about it. If your gym has a pool swimming is very beneficial and feels fantastic after a hard work out.

    You haven't mentioned your diet at all, but you will find MFP is a great tool to help you with that. Lots of information and help available on here.

    Good luck.
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    Many people there probably feel the same; it's common. If you're comfortable making small talk you'll probably find a lot of similar-feeling people. If not, no big deal.

    Most people there with knowledge will probably be happy to help you if you're not familiar with a piece of equipment or want advice on lift form. In general experienced gym people like sharing their knowledge. You might come across people that are rude or judgmental, but if you're going to a decent gym that shouldn't be the norm.

    At the end of the day you're there for you, but don't be afraid to make friends.
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    zuzanao wrote: »
    Hi there,so I have decided to join a gym to help me to get fit and be healthy.I plan to do weigh training and cardio classes as thats what I found keeps me motivated.I know it will be hard and I fear of how I will be 'accepted' in the gym.I dnt want anyone to stare at me,I hate being the centre of attention
    any advice for a newbie at the gym to help with self confidence once there?thanks

    Every gym I've ever joined gave me 1-3 sessions with a personal trainer free with membership. This is a good way to start getting comfortable in a facility.

    Also, I have some social anxiety and preferred to go at off-peak times. As far as I'm concerned, the less other people, the better.

    For classes, you could of course stay in the back.
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    trust me. no one is looking at your or cares about you. everyone is in there doing their own thing and most are regular people just like you and me. seriously, no one cares.
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    I've been going to my gym (YMCA) starting long before I lost weight, and I was not only obese, but also post-bilateral-mastectomy (without either reconstruction or prostheses, so completely flat up top). Even in a swimsuit, where both the fat and the flat were very obvious, I never felt like I was given any different attention than anyone else, either in classes or solo workouts.

    Most of the time, the "standard level of attention" is that people will maybe say "hi" if you pass close by in the hall and eyes meet, and in classes the instructors often talk to new people to get them started and occasionally introduce them to the class.

    At my Y location, there are all ages (babies and toddlers at tot-watch to people in their 80s at least), many races, many nationalities (not unusual to hear Spanish, Korean, and other languages spoken), hijabi women, biker-dudes with lots of tattoos, people of all weights, developmentally-challenged people with personal aides, disabled people using assistive devices, and lately there's been a fit-looking little person who's probably 60 playing racketball with the other guys. Very diverse. I regularly see obese people in the cardio machine area or locker room or pool (some of them visibly shrinking over the months ;) ), clearly working on getting fitter and healthier, and no one pays them any special attention that I can see.

    There isn't a lot of conversation, except between people who are friends, beyond just casual pleasantries if someone's using a close locker or something like that.

    I know it seems really daunting at first, but keep in mind that everyone was new once, and a bunch of the people who look fit now weren't always that way themselves. Most people are too self-absorbed to pay any attention to us.

    I've used the gym at my municipal rec centre for years and this is pretty much how it is there too (I was obese when I started). I find that most people are too busy counting reps, checking their phones, or listening to music/podcasts to notice you, other than to maybe say hi. There's no small talk happening. Most people just want to get their workout done and carry on with the rest of their day or evening.

    If you can get a staff member to walk you through the equipment (probably for a fee), its well worth it. It will make things a little less intimidating, until you get comfortable in your new surroundings. I tried different classes and found that my favourite one when I was obese was deep water running. No pressure on my joints and you can make the class as difficult or as easy as you like.

    Congratulations on starting this new adventure!! :)

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    as others have said, nobody will even notice and if they do, MOST of them will applaud you for being there and starting your health journey!
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    @zuzanao Don't forget to come back and let us know how the gym is going!!!

    Edit: When I went to the gym, I looked around but I was literally just looking threw everyone at nothing in particular trying to get through my cardio on the treadmill usually.
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    Nobody is going to judge you at all...planet fitness just says that to drum up business.
    Do your thing and have fun! God bless and go get em!!
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    Most people in gyms were at one point out of shape. Get to know people. If you see someone doing an exercise you don’t understand, ask them about it. You’ll be surprised how friendly prople will be. You can also get a trainer for a few months.
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    Aside: who hits disagree on this kind of post?
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    People who thought that all gym patrons are friendly, welcoming, and non judgemental but didn't bother to write it due to an over-abundance of the friendly welcome non-judgmental attribute!!!!
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    First of all, good for you, that's awesome. When I used to go to the gym, I never really thought twice about other people and what they were doing. If anything, I'd think people would think "good for you for starting on your fitness journey.". If not they're *kitten* who need a life lol.
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    I wish I could guarantee that too won't run into any jerks, but I can't.

    Having said that, though, they're not all that common.

    The best thing you can do is go in with your head held high. You paid the fees just like everyone else, you have just as much right to be there.

    Also, go in with a plan. It'll help a lot to have at least an idea of what you're going to do, and how to do it.