How do you log Beachbody workouts?

How would I log a beachbody workout in the exercise section? I don’t want it need a coach just would like a simple question answered thank you so much!


  • kimny72
    kimny72 Posts: 16,027 Member
    Most of them are either cardio, or a cardio/resistance mix, so I would add them as either aerobics or circuit training. If the specific workout is all resistance/weights you could use weightlifting or calisthenics. When I used to do Piyo, I'd log it as Pilates.
  • Tattoosnmuscles
    Tattoosnmuscles Posts: 7 Member
    I use my fit bit and add it manually like for example I'm currently hooked on insanity Max 30. If I do that for 32 minutes and my Fitbit says I burned 330 calories I'll just create the exercise add the name and add my calories burned.