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Thanksgiving break in weekly progressive progarm

jeffrey_adjeffrey_ad Member, Premium Posts: 699 Member Member, Premium Posts: 699 Member
I recently started the Madcow program which has a weekly three day progression (MWF for me). Next week I will be starting Week 4, but I can probably only lift on Monday because of the holiday. Should I pause the program and restart the following Monday? I was thinking I could potentially repeat the Monday lifts on the following Monday and then progress from there. Also, I am using the Personal Training Coach app and I don't see a way to repeat the workout. Thanks for any tips.


  • sarko15sarko15 Member Posts: 330 Member Member Posts: 330 Member
    You could hit pause for a week, but if you have one day you can lift, why not do it?

    I'm unfamiliar with Madcow but I do StrongLifts 5x5 that is also a 3x week progressive overload program. Some weeks I do 1 or 2 days and others I make all 3, sometimes 4. StrongLifts alternates between two routines so I just try to lift as often as possible (with rest days) and stay consistent lifting workout A and then B. Consistency will be what gets you the results you want, even if you aren't following the program to a T.
  • rose2_0rose2_0 Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    I would do the Monday as written and then repeat it with the same weights again. At least for a 3 day program.
  • ChieflrgChieflrg Member Posts: 9,009 Member Member Posts: 9,009 Member
    My first choice would be to reschedule the days during the week 4 so you can apply the correct amount of stimulus for the given week.

    If you chose not to complete the week, I would suggest do what you can and probably start with week 3 instead.

    Honestly it really isn't that important what you do in the grand scheme of things as it won't have bearing on long term if you can train without missing days for the most part.
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