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Calorie adjustment with manually logged exercises

AmbientBluAmbientBlu Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
I've had my FitBit for 6+ years now and, until recently, really only did cardio in the form of walking/jogging. Content to let the FitBit handle my calorie adjustments (and transfer over to MFP), I never encountered an issue.

Within the last few months I've taken up indoor cycling. At first I wore my FitBit (it's an old school One, so it doesn't have any fancy exercise modes I can choose from) but I'd rather not have it counting steps when I'm not really taking steps. So last night I took it off before I went in to class and instead chose to manually log the exercise into FitBit so it could sync that data with MFP. My studio emails us the stats based on our personal profile (gender, height, weight, age) so I entered those, along with the start time and duration of the exercise.

However, rather than adding to my calories for the day, MFP subtracted. It looks like FitBit was saying I burned 2,319 (based on my burn as of 11:59 PM) and MFP was saying I burned 2,363 (which includes 428 from exercise). The difference, therefore, is a deficit of 44 calories.

I know that isn't right. I know that MFP should be showing an additional 428 calories earned for the day. But I can't seem to figure out how to get it to show correctly. I've deleted the exercise from the FitBit app and instead added the exercise manually to MFP but that doesn't seem to help either, as then the FitBit app shows the incorrect calories for the day (I'm aware that FitBit transfers exercise calories to MFP but not vice versa).

If I enter it in both apps, I'm obviously seeing the adjustment twice, incorrectly resulting in 800+ calories being earned for the day.

Should I just go back to wearing the FitBit during my cycle class, knowing that even though it's counting steps it's not accurate, but at least I'm showing earned calories in both MFP and FitBit? Or is there something I'm missing here when it comes to the logging?

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  • Duck_PuddleDuck_Puddle Posts: 2,687Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,687Member, Premium Member
    With my Fitbit one, I logged non-step based exercise on mfp. The workouts transferred to the Fitbit app and my adjustments were correct. The adjustment is smaller because some of the exercise calories are logged on mfp rather than coming from Fitbit.

    When entering the exercise on mfp-make sure you’re using the actual start/stop time (that will theoretically overwrite whatever Fitbit recorded for that time).

    I never logged exercise directly on the Fitbit app.

    I’m not sure I understand the numbers you’re sharing.

    Fitbit says your total calories burned is 2319 (does this include the biking?)

    Mfp says your total calories burned is 2363 (which includes biking). If this includes biking, then the 400-ish calories are being accounted for - they would just be a workout on mfp rather than included in the Fitbit adjustment.

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