Your happy-o-meter on scale of 1-10

thegymbunny Posts: 602 Member
I would say a 7.5!

I've got great kids
A great job
Share great custody agreement with my ex
Have a great current relationship
Everybody I love is in good health

When mr. man moves here I have no reason to complain about anything! lol


  • fitmommy2012
    fitmommy2012 Posts: 451 Member
    I would say a 8.5

    I have an EXCELLENT husband
    A precious and energetic 2 year old son
    A great paying job
    All my bills are paid, my needs met and many of my wants met as well
    I am losing weight and though I am not where I want to be yet, I am well on my way to meeting that goal!!

    God and life have been good to me! I cannot complain! =]
  • Goofy076
    Goofy076 Posts: 287 Member
    I would have to say 9.5 :)

    I have a amazing hubby (well expect those days when a hot french fry in his eye is called for haha)
    Great kids (expect on those days i wanna duct tape them to the wall for being mini mes haha)
    Our business is flourishing so we want for nothing and get to spend all our time together
    My moms health is getting better since we got her to a new docs
    I am almost to goal FINALLLY!!!
    I have amazing friends and family that love me EVEN though I am me :)
    Life in general is gooooodddd :)
  • Carl01
    Carl01 Posts: 9,458 Member
    Maybe around a 4.
  • skittybang
    skittybang Posts: 1,525 Member
    Start at 10 (because typically, I'm always happy:smile: )
    deduct 2 because I have to pee :sick:
    add 1 because I'm 96 oz of water in! :drinker:
    deduct 7 because my power is out for the 4th day in a row!!!

    I'm a 2!! :explode:
  • datzun
    datzun Posts: 198
    Probably around a 3 or 4.

  • ShelbyLB
    ShelbyLB Posts: 431
    ooooo I'd say I'm typically right around a 9.5....:D Perhaps a 7 or 8 right now because I'm a bit hungry....

    I get a bit crabby when I'm hungry....:blushing:
  • Autumn15
    Autumn15 Posts: 213
    About a 8 I think
    2 Great kids that I love and adore
    Good job
    Great friends
    Losing weight and feeling better :)
  • porcelain_doll
    porcelain_doll Posts: 1,005 Member
    I'll say 8 out of 10......

    Losing weight has been a long, draining struggle and has taken its toll on me emotionally/mentally..... but I refuse to give up.

    The job I've been at for 6 years that I'm calling a career killer among other things......... but I'm lucky to have one.

    Watching all of my friends spend time with their husbands and enjoy each other while I struggle to get a man's attention........... but I'm also enjoying my freedom and independence as a single person.

    I guess it just depends on how you look at things. It took a long time for me to be able to see the good side of a situation (if there is one).