HELP: Want to loose lower belly bulge

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41YR, F, 5’9” 139 pounds. Eat well, but nothing is off limits for balance. (Very little ultra-refined foods.)

- Workout at OTF 5X/week
- Get my daily fibre
- Drink my water
- Get 8 hours sleep

Can’t get rid of this lower belly fat. Not a new issue - always been there. Only goes away when I’m down to 130-135 pounds which involves an unsustainable diet and honestly, is probably too skinny for the rest of my body.

Have some ongoing bloat/constipation issues, which doesn't help. But there's a layer of fat over my bloat that doesn't help. Tried no garlic/onion (FODMAP) - no help. Don’t eat a lot of dairy. Tried no refined carbs - no help

At a loss. Any suggestions ideas would be useful.

Side - suck in
Front - relaxed
Side - relaxed



  • I haven’t had children. Thanks for note on posture. I have decent ab strength already, but you can always improve! Agree it may be genetics, but can’t hurt to go to the doctor about it as well.
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    Have you tried focusing on core/ab workouts to train those muscles to stay engaged more often than not? I don’t know if all the way flat is a reasonable target, just maybe the body wants a little padding? Good luck!
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    If you are having trouble with bloat and constipation as well, I would get tested for Celiac. I have a couple friends who have the disease and being diagnosed changed their lives for the better. If it’s not Celiac, the doctor may be able to shed light on what it could be.
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    Your tummy looks asymmetrical to me, which makes me wonder about cysts or fibroids. Definitely go to the doctor and don’t stop until you find a doctor who takes you seriously, at least seriously enough to get an ultrasound and see if anything is in there other than what should be.
  • It may be just how your body stores fat. It actually looks fine to me. It’s all too easy to get hyper focussed on what is really a minor imperfection.

    You are in a good place to recomp if a lower weight is not sustainable. Get yourself on a reputable resistance training programme and be patient as changes are slow.

    I’m same height as you and seven pounds lighter. I’ve been recomping for 2 and a half years. Progress is slow but I’m definely seeing ab definition. There’s still some fat in my tummy though. My programming does not include direst ab work but compound lifts like deadlift squat bench lunge etc.

    You could add in some direct ab work like ab wheel, hanging leg raises. I’m not an expert in ab work though others may have some better ideas. I wouldn’t bother with crunches personally.

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    Seconding going to the doc. Could be cysts.

    In the mean time, maybe weight lifting, recomp might help?

    But also in general I think it looks like a nice tummy.