Who's really serious?

I've seen numerous post from people saying add me or I'll add you, so we can keep each other motivated, but when you add them they don't accept. So are people really serious or are they just saying it cause they feel like they have to?


  • Terytha
    Terytha Posts: 2,097 Member
    I add everyone. I do immediately remove the creeps though.
  • sugarcakes38
    sugarcakes38 Posts: 80 Member
    I think those would be questions for them. I run a pretty tight ship, keep it simple on here. I log, track, skim the forums if I got a minute and back to the grindstone.
  • Chris_J99
    Chris_J99 Posts: 175 Member
    Terytha wrote: »
    I add everyone. I do immediately remove the creeps though.
    Me too. Only 1 creep removed so far. Ewww
  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,970 Member
    I don’t add people who beg. I used to. I recently deleted over 100 people from my friends list. All those people who begged for people to “help” them stay accountable? They quit within days.

    You have to be ready to do this for yourself. You have to be willing and able to keep yourself accountable. Nobody else can do that for you.
  • saresimsr36
    saresimsr36 Posts: 128 Member
    I try to keep only people who are motivated, motivating and active. That's the criteria for being my friend here.
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 5,956 Member
    I've deleted people, especially if they're inappropriate. I've been pretty lucky as far as Male friends go, probably because I don't have a profile picture. I don't add people who say "motivate me" as we have to find our own reasons for our goals. I do try to be active with friends and especially value the ones who cheer me on.
  • MsHarryWinston
    MsHarryWinston Posts: 1,027 Member
    I don’t accept anyone that sends me a friend request without an accompanying message. Like, how did you find me? Why are you sending me this request?
  • nighthawk584
    nighthawk584 Posts: 1,979 Member
    Motivation comes from within. You can find inspiration from other people, but in the end, only you can motivate yourself to stay on track. I am very selective who I friend anymore. People need straight honest talk sometimes, not just cheer-leading.
  • frankgrwt
    frankgrwt Posts: 5 Member
    All points here are valid, i get it comes from within, but when people say they want accountability and to add them for motivation, but when you reach out they don't add or ignore you completely
  • psychod787
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    I'm not a creep, but more of a strait talking douche. DONT add me.
  • MitchellPayne29
    MitchellPayne29 Posts: 11 Member
    Add me if you give and want support :)