I think recomping is to lose body fat and gain muscle with eating at maintenance.

Has anyone tried this? What was your experience like vs a bulk/cut strategy? I’m curious how much muscle growth you miss out on vs. a straight bulk. 50%



  • I’ve been recomping for 2 and a half years. I’m pleased with the results though it is slow.

    You need to be patient as you are unlikely to see big changes in physique quickly. I’m more muscular now than when I started.

    The reason why I chose recomp was because I am good at gaining weight and bad at losing it. So it made sense for me to avoid this.

    I’m looking at bulking shortly though. I have a few pounds to lose first.

    You need to be on a decent resistance training programme and stick to it.

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    Thanks for these replies! The thread you linked seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. May take a while to read 115 pages of posts, but it’s better than begging people for advice though.

    A lot of people on this and similar forums push bulk/cut hard. Apparently I’m asking the niche folks and the feedback would suggest their is no other option. I really didn’t want to bulk/cut, so this sounds like my out.