Weight loss progress pictures!!!



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    Here’s some pictures of my before & afters:


    Starting weight: 278 lbs
    Goal weight range: 163-167 lbs
    Ultimate goal weight: 165 lbs
    I lost a total of 115 lbs & have been maintaining for 4 years now!! 😃💖💪💕

    You look very nice ma'am.... oh btw.... straight Slytherin here..... ;)

    Thank you so much!! 🥰💖🤩 I’ve known some nice Slytherins!! & Snape was one, too!! 🐍💚🌟✨

    Was he? HMMM... That's a debate for another time....

  • xxzenabxx
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    SW May 2018: 229-230 lbs
    CW Dec 2019: 125-128 lbs
    Weight-loss mode: May 2018 to June 2019
    Maintenance: July 2019-forever?!?!

    (Jan 2018)

    (Aug 2019)

    Amazing progress! How tall are you?
  • Elcee84
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    Absolutely awesome transformation stories. You guys are ever so hard and this is so inspiring to me. I only have four stones to lose but looking at your pictures I can see it absolutely takes years of you when you choose a healthier and more active lifestyle and not only do you look better but you feel better as well. Well done to all of you and I hope to also follow in your footsteps. Thank you for making me remember again that this is all worth it.
    It hurts...but nothing worth having Hardly ever comes easy
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    @HufflepuffGrl9 thank you so much, my friend!!

    @xxzenabxx I am between 5’4” and 5’5” 😊
  • amioc
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    I am currently down 97.8lbs and I am hoping to lose another 10lbs.

    Wow you look amazing!! I would love to have a body like yours! How long did it take you? Also could you please tell me what your diet and exercise routine was?
  • ReenieHJ
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    I don't think I've uttered the words wow and amazing as much as I ever had since I came here and started seeing transformation pictures. :) I admire all the hard work and dedication, the strong positive attitudes that helped every one of you to achieve your current YOUs. :) Maybe you have to gain a few lbs., lose a few lbs. create muscle, or lose hundreds of lbs., but you are all showing others that it can be done, to never give up no matter how many times it didn't work out before. I bet the majority of us have tried, tried and tried again before we found the right balance, the right mindset for sustainable individual lifestyle practices.
    You guys have all found an inner strength and determination that I bet you never knew you had. :)
  • JasonJoyHedenskog
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    October 2018 and today. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs.. lost and gained back again. Trying my hardest to keep it off for good this time. Working on my last 10.