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Pregnant and maintaining fitness?



  • noel2fitnoel2fit Member Posts: 216 Member Member Posts: 216 Member
    Congrats!!! Just sent you a FR. Feel free to join our 'Fit, Fabulous, and Pregnant' group too!

    I think normal varies far and wide for calories during pregnancy. I ate at maintenance until 20 weeks and then bumped up by 350 at 20 weeks, but spoke with a prenatal nutritionist about it. I am currently set to gain a pound a week, but not eating up to my number daily and haven't been doing +1/week like I'm supposed to. My midwife monitors baby's growth and size though and said that since he's measuring big/ahead it's all good- some women just gain like crazy and others struggle to gain at all. Pack in all the extra nutrients you can and remember that baby takes what they need and it's your bones/ body that will struggle if you're not getting in enough micronutrients. The only chipped tooth I've ever had happened 6 months into nursing my first son and it could just be coincidence, but I sure did wish I'd been better about my prenatal when that happened...
  • anubis609anubis609 Member Posts: 4,013 Member Member Posts: 4,013 Member
    You can eat at maintenance and a small surplus +250-300 later as needed. Maintain strength training and activity to tolerance as it will help when you deliver and recover afterwards.
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