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New mom, eating mostly plant based. Looking to lose 50lbs


I'm 31, new mom to a 1.5 month old. I've been vegetarian for 10+ years, and am now trying to eat more WFPB (but not 100%). I'm a big fan of the 80/20 type mindset, and aim to have a healthy balanced life, with the odd indulgences.

I like to run and lift weights, however I am now just easing back into exercise postpartum. I've been on a couple runs and man were they a struggle!

My diary is open to friends, and I'd love some friends to help stay accountable and motivated with :)


  • emsmiley12
    emsmiley12 Posts: 22 Member
    I am vegan, so happy to share back and forth about wfpb! Adding you how. And kudos to jumping back into fitness! It’s wonderful to give yourself time to be a priority, too! And congrats on being a new mom!! 😊
  • crazydogladyjess
    crazydogladyjess Posts: 128 Member
    Thank you, @emsmiley12!
  • petitchatnoir41
    petitchatnoir41 Posts: 56 Member
    Welcome to mfp! I'm transitioning to vegetarian and I'd love to see what you eat. I leave my diary open too, whether I have logged well or not. :disappointed: Trying to log more consistently. I will add you as a friend!
  • bake_n_run
    bake_n_run Posts: 20 Member
    Hi! I am 32 and have a 7.5 mo old little one. I have always struggled with eating mindfully & I really let myself go giving in to all my cravings while pregnant & the trend is still continuing. I am looking to lose 40 lbs & you can guess what my new year resolution (same as every year :( ) would be. Add a full time job + pumping + a total of 3.5 hours commute each day to the mix. I am so exhausted by the time I come home that I would want to stuff my face with junk! I took up running 3 years ago & lost 68 lbs & I am looking to get back to that. I havent ran since my second trimester & I am really slipping into a cycle of giving into my hunger pangs. Looking to stay accountable & log my meals consistently & make it to the gym atleast 3 days a week. Congrats to all the mums here & I am open to making a group on facebook or IG for just being friends & helping each other out.
  • LunaLove2013
    LunaLove2013 Posts: 16 Member
    I have a 3 year old and 6 month old. My diary is open to friends! Looking to lose 80-100 lbs.
  • AustinRuadhain
    AustinRuadhain Posts: 2,595 Member
    Hey there,
    I am a WFPB eater, too! I am in a couple of groups on MFP, both of which might be of interest.

    Eat to Live (vegan, WFPB):

    For general support, I am also in the Fat2Fit group here on MFP, and that might appeal to you, too. It's a monthly challenge, and registration is now open for January. We have weekly weigh-ins (totals tallied to see which of 6 teams did the best that week), optional daily check-ins with your team, optional challenges, and lots of really great supportive conversation! The people on your team, like you, are people that are up to working on their health, and they share challenges and victories. It's a great support for me, for sure. If it appeals to you, here's the link:
  • Zinka61
    Zinka61 Posts: 563 Member
    I'm another WFPB eater, for 30 years now, and a mom, but my 2 kids are now grown. I also love dogs! I'm always happy to make friends who actually interact with me and others on our posts, because maintenance is hard without a supportive community. Once the holidays are over, I have about 8 lbs to lose again.