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    Wait, you mean I've been doing my 20s wrong? 🤔
    Not toooo far off 30 😏

    This thread isn't for you either. come back next year.

    I'm breaking the rules 😘

    this will lead to anarchy
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    A stinking dirty 34 here.
  • I will turn 21 next January , please consider like if I will turn 31and add me :D:D
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    35...also just deleted my FB too.
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    Almost 35....🥴
  • Hey all, I'm 32 (sigh) like most of you I'm over Facebook, having a spare tire, and feeling unhealthy unfit. So here I am getting back in shape and enjoying it. I work 12-14 hour days so friends next to none so please feel free to add me and I look forward to a new life.
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    30 here and always welcome new friends.
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    Anyone else where there 30s have been just as good if not better than there 20s? I get better with age.
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    38 here.
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    So I'm 37 and am planning to ask my Girlfriend to marry me in 2020, but don't want to be the heavy guy I am now, when I ask her. She is tiny and adorable, she deserves someone who looks after themself just the same as she does, otherwise how will I be around to look after her. Just looking for friends who know what a battle weightloss is and how unfair it can feel when slim friends seem to enjoy what they want, penalty free.
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    35, British, wants to use MFP more than as a diary! Another FB cynic, and I'd like to talk about more than weightloss on my feed.
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    33, just joined MFP last week. I used to track on the Livestrong page, but got lazy and stopped tracking.

    In Feb 19, i decided to start changing my unhealthy lifestyle. I allowed myself to balloon up to 320-325 pounds. I work an on the go hectic schedule full of 12-16 hour days, a lot of time spent behind a windshield so in turn i ate fast food 3-4 times a day, 4-5 times a week. I'm surprised I'm still alive at this point. Between my fast food habit, and smoking 1.5 packs of cigarettes a day I treated my body like absolute crap.

    Since February i've been able to shed about 60 pounds, through eating less and moving more. I've dedicated myself to going to the gym and fueling my body with the right foods instead of crap. Finally kicked the smoking habit at the beginning of November!

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    Hi there, i am in my 30’s. Was in pretty good shape about a year ago and then i stopped going to the gym and my eating habits become terrible...im thinking of doing low carb
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    :D Turning 38 and I look 38 so I fit in this sub
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    Feel free to add me!!
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    I'm 31 and always open to new friends! :)
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    You all are age'ist! haha 44 here...nobody add me! haha
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    Hey all...33 here...feel free to add me...it is always good to have a nice chat or just someone to keep you up😊
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    Recently starting over; Addressing true food addiction. Ready for weight loss friends!! Feel free to add, especially if you are motivated, motivatING, and respectful. See you on the journey! 💖
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    it seems like my app is acting up, and clicking on individual names trying to add people and it doesn't seem to be working the way it did last time I was on here. Anyway, I'm trying to add everybody I can from this particular group feed. Feel free to add me please, I would love a fresh wave of new faces 😍