Fitbit vs Apple watch

Hi There, I am looking to either buy a fitbit or an apply watch so can track my steps, workout better and sync with my fitness pal. Do you have recommendations on which one is better between fitbit and apple watch ? Thsnk you


  • BiggyFuzz
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    I’m in the same boat as you but I’m leaning towards Fitbit. Can’t justify spending 400 bucks for a step counter
  • munda_jamesSWP
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    I was gifted an Apple watch and I will tell you, mind blowing! Convenient as hell! I had the fitbit that just showed the 4 illuminated lights and it tracked my steps just like the apple watch, I would just have to go into the app on my phone to notify when I would be getting ready to work out.

    I think the apple watch purchase is better, but the fitbit will be just fine!

  • Fflpnari
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    Ive had the fitbit flex, charge, and currently a versa. the verse was 130 at costco.You can get texts, it has alexa on it, You can pay for things on it, music app, track workouts, steps, HR, activity level etc. I do not want to spend 3-400 on the apple watch. I really like fitbit
  • If you are a iphone user like me and workout regularly then please dont hesitate for apple watch..Just go for it.. It keeps tracks of everything
  • AndyCarolanACID
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    If you are an iPhone user, I would suggest Apple Watch as it integrates incredibly well with the Apple Health app for steps, HR, calories and activity levels. You can also log predefined workout types or create your own.
  • nodau_iach
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    I prefer the Apple Watch
  • I have had a fit bit and an Apple Watch currently. I’ve also had a fossil smart watch. Hands down Apple wins for me :)
  • katermari
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    apple watch is the best thing to ever happen to my life.
  • TrueGrit732
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    I've used both. Fitbit is built for fitness plus links you to a huge community of other users. If you're looking for fitness first and watch 2nd...fitbit is the choice. But if you're an iPhone user and you're looking for watch first and fitness watch would be your best bet.
  • Womanvsweight
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    Apple Watch definitely more accurate and reliable and doesn’t need replacing in a year like most fitness type bands like fitbit
  • Hotdawgnothotdog
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    All these pro apple posts are making me nervous about the Fitbit I just got today... Oh well gotta start somewhere I suppose
  • PAV8888
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    The Fitbit models do what they say they will and integrate relatively well with MFP. The Apple watches cost and do more and their integration to MFP is more problematic.

    I have had three different Fitbit models over the years and they all, more or less, worked as advertised with their model reliability increasing as their products have matured and their warranty service becoming less accommodating as the problematic models were retired.

    I see zero reason for an apple watch to be more "accurate" than a Fitbit. In terms of "exercise" and activity information, measurement, and deductions Fitbit is probably still enjoying a head start vis Apple, and should continue to do so for the near future if Google throws in some additional back-end power.

    Until I can make and receive phone calls for 2+ hours a day and surf the internet for another 2+ on a adequately sized screen (f.e. with a direct to retina display or other HUD technology) and/or AI and voice recognition and the functions they provide improve further, thus eroding the need for an adequate screen (i.e. not for this or the next generation of bands and watches), I will continue to carry my cell phone everywhere I go. Thus a mid model Fitbit's "smart" abilities are more than smart enough for me.

    So, on balance, for $100-$200 I can get everything I need plus a fairly good community by using a mid range Fitbit (or for that matter a similarly priced Garmin watch, even though 4-5 years ago the Garmin community proved a bit too snooty for my taste and needs prompting me move to Fitbit :blush: )