A Holiday Wish

Here's a very special Holiday Wish for all My Fitness Pals. Here's to sending a special Greetings to all my Pals hoping everybody had a great Christmas. It was a rainy one, here in Southern California but great, nonetheless! I just had the realization, when entering my breakfast data that today makes my 7th year, here on MFP with 2,566 consecutive days of food and exercise data entries. Whew! That's just a few entries, but let me say that, honestly, it's been a huge help in, not only my successful 250+ pounds weight loss, but also the followup maintenance, not to mention, building muscle that I didn't think possible! Unfortunately though, over the last few months, I've slipped into the "Terminal End Stage" of Heart Failure and, due to Loss of appetite and strength to maintain my training, I have experienced A LOT of muscle wasting. My Shoulders, Arms and Legs have endured a massive amount of muscle loss; and losing a total of just over 20 pounds over the last couple months, has brought on a change from a meso to ectomorph body type. This does not make me very happy;BUT, it has not pushed me from my training. I'll admit, I cannot lift the weight or do near the Cardio that I could just a couple of months ago, but I'm still training roughly 4 days per week on average. I REFUSE to give in to the digression!!!

So I hope everyone had a very Happy Christmas and wish you all a VERY BLESSED New Year!

Stay 'Healthy' My Friends!
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