What diet tips work for you? Let's share



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    I have my husband drop me off 4 miles from home when we are out. Then I walk home. I kind of have to walk all the way home. :)

    Hopefully not on 3 inches stilettos... :)

    Or...in 10 inches of snow if you live in Michigan.
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    IF 18/6, planning today what I am going to eat tomorrow and eating 1,000 per day.
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    "If it's not in the house, it's not in my mouth." Clean out all the crap from your fridge and pantry, and shop carefully. I pre-plan meals a week at a time, then I scan the grocery store flyers once a week and make a list (saves money this way, too, as I often "store hop" to get the best deals). Stick to the list religiously.

    I'm one of those weirdos who hates drinking water, but a cup of boullion, tea, or cup-o-soup before dinner takes the edge off and I tend to eat less.

    Good luck! Add me as a pal, if you like. :)
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    Eat whatever I want, but less of it.

    Don't go shopping when hungry. It's amazing how many things jump into the cart when I'm hungry.

    Take a multivitamin, because eating what I want probably means I don't get all the vitamins.
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