30 in your 30's?

Anyone else in your 30's need to lose 30 pounds or more?

Hi, I'm Cassie, I'm 31 and my goal is to lose 35 pounds by August! I've done this before so I don't necessarily need tips, but friends and accountability partners really help the journey.

Things like "liking" my status, maybe a "way to go!" comment here and there :) Let's keep each other encouraged and motivated! Send me a friend request.


  • KevinWH87
    KevinWH87 Posts: 74 Member
    More like 25 lbs here (hope that’s close enough!) Happy to encourage you as I could use some myself.
  • Sbiscotti
    Sbiscotti Posts: 153 Member
    I’m 34 and my goal is 25-30, so I’m in. Same boat - i know what to do but need accountability
  • jpearson1289
    jpearson1289 Posts: 26 Member
    I just turned 30 in December and my goalfor 2020 is to get under 200lbs. I am looking for people to help keep me motivated with interaction in MFP because I don't have a support system for weight loss at home
  • laura9400
    laura9400 Posts: 419 Member
    I’m 37 and losing 37 pounds in the next six months or so would be amazing.
  • No_turning_back
    No_turning_back Posts: 25 Member
    36 and I am currently at my heaviest. I've lost weight in the past but over the last year have just gotten into a slump. I'm finally sick and tired of being sick and tired of feeling this way and I'm determined to get down to my goal/ideal weight of 155. I'd be happy to help keep anyone accountable and offer encouragement and praise. =)
  • beautyonthebeach83
    beautyonthebeach83 Posts: 99 Member
    Hi all! I'm 36 and I want to lose between 20-30 lbs, but honestly probably closer to the 30. :smiley: It depends on how much muscle I put on; the last time I did this I was shocked to find that I was happy with my body 10 lbs heavier than my goal weight on paper was, because I had muscle. I would love some more accountability buddies, so feel free to add me!
  • aoelliott2016
    aoelliott2016 Posts: 2 Member
    34 and looking to lose 50 lbs or so. Would love to provide motivation and support as I need it as well.
  • hnsr1021
    hnsr1021 Posts: 58 Member
    I'll be 30 in October '20 and I would like to lose 40-50lbs by my 30th bday. I fell off the wagon the end of last year and am trying to crawl out of some depression and anxiety and work my way back into a better lifestyle. I would LOVE to have some accountability partners!
  • justanotherguy2020
    justanotherguy2020 Posts: 223 Member
    Brian, im 38 and looking to lose 45 lbs by my birthday at the end of the summer
  • oliviachelich13
    oliviachelich13 Posts: 9 Member
    I’ll be 30 in April. And 25-30 is my goal! I already lost ten!
  • Katie_Hege2020
    Katie_Hege2020 Posts: 13 Member
    I will be 30 next weekend. I plan to lose 40 lbs by June.
  • bellenasmom87
    bellenasmom87 Posts: 1 Member
    Turning 33 in July and my goal weight is 145 but my ultimate goal is a clothing size: 6!

    Accountability helps!
  • lizholt326
    lizholt326 Posts: 35 Member
    I'll be 33 in March. I want to lose about 40 lbs by the end of the year!
  • kristaoquin
    kristaoquin Posts: 4 Member
    I’m 31. Lost 40 lbs last year and would like to lose 40 more this year!
  • mamaofchaos
    mamaofchaos Posts: 1 Member
    I'm 31 and I'm working on losing at least 30lbs this year. A few years ago I managed to get down to 160lbs (or even 155 on a good day) but my depression got worse and I had a 3rd child. Now I'm back and starting again at 215lbs. My first goal is to get under 200lbs!
  • KLCruz88
    KLCruz88 Posts: 90 Member
    I'm 31 almost 32. I'm looking to lose roughly 40lbs by next fall. I had lost almost 50 lbs this past summer but gained 20lbs back. So here I am! Back at it again!
  • Shemarie520
    Shemarie520 Posts: 31 Member
    Anyone in their late 30's looking to lose 30-45lbs please add me for mutual support, encouragement and accountability! :smiley:
  • CupcakeCrusoe
    CupcakeCrusoe Posts: 1,382 Member
    I'm 31, 207 lbs. 4-5 years ago, I was the person in my profile pic at around 155. Time to get back there.
  • Rayanne203
    Rayanne203 Posts: 207 Member
    31 lost 33 lbs last year and now aiming to lose another 30! I am 5'7 167lbs <3
  • Venus_1
    Venus_1 Posts: 72 Member
    Hey people,
    I’m Natalia. I’m 34 and losing 20 pounds would be amazing! Feel free to add 😊