Fatty liver

Has anyone else been diagnosed with a fatty liver? Need ideas on what I should be eating to help heal my liver.


  • NovusDies
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    This is what my wife's doctor told her to take. Her enzymes came down after about 6 months. She was not given a specific food diet to follow. I am not sure there is one. She was given a list of things to try and limit but it was things like otc pain meds and alcohol.

  • starfishstarfish7
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    hi yes i was diagnosed with fatty liver recently.something also about the size of my liver.large apparently.i have never drunk alcohol.i now have to see someone about an endoscopy.im yet to discover foods that i could cut out.
  • jennyminnick4
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    Thank you!! I will try the milk thistle!!
  • Emmapatterson1729
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    Milk thistle is wonderful. My late hubby had fatty liver, milk thistle and diet competely reversed his fatty liver disease.

    I even starting giving it to my dog when liver enzymes were high.

    And my daughter and I take it for prevention liver support.

    Also cilantro is good for the liver.
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    I keep hearing from people with this diagnosis, many who appear to be quite healthy!

    I'm guessing that the exact composition of your diet will not nearly be as important as maintaining a reasonable weight and getting regular exercise.

    Best of luck!
  • kkramey1970
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    My liver Dr. told me the best thing to do is lose weight and eat right. Seems to be working as my lab results were good after a year between visits.
  • Scott_IF
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    Lots of fruits and vegetable, exercise and lose weight - that will likely reverse NAFLD
  • elifmemis
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    Lose weight, exercise and read books by Anthony Williams. The Liver books helps you understand what’s happening to your body. It saved me.

  • SnifterPug
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    My dog was given medication to support his liver that contained a high proportion of milk thistle. I take it myself if I've had any alcohol. No idea if it truly helps or if it is an old wives' tale, but I figure it can't harm. Desmodium is also supposed to be very good but that is really hard to come by in the UK.
  • psychod787
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    Had one. Lost weight. No longer have one. Weight loss will help.
  • cathipa
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    It is an unfortunate epidemic in our society and is typically caused by overweight/obesity and/or uncontrolled cholesterol, diabetes and hypothyroidism. Weight loss is key (10% total body weight loss goal in 6 months) in addition to improving the above medical conditions can help. Here is another link that may help as well.
  • Brin1956
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    I didn't realize how bad a fatty liver was! I was diagnosed with it years ago. My doctor acted like it was nothing but probably the main reason I have diabetes. Lower fat in your diet helps, omega 3 helps, heard that a supplement Berberine might help. I have ordered in 90 days worth of Berberine to try. I think I will pick up some milk thistle to try after the Berberine. The side effects of a fatty liver is probably a lot of my problems. Weight loss will help but I do know fit people that have a fatty liver. I do not drink alcohol unless it is a very special occasion.