Keto Days Are Here Today!

Hey guys! I’m rocking the Keto Lifestyle and it’s working! 12 lbs down in 8 days!


  • miz_ppyn
    miz_ppyn Posts: 118 Member
    wow your doing good im 9 days in and 7lbs down. did you struggle with keto flu? i did for 4days.
  • Robkru22
    Robkru22 Posts: 18 Member
    Thanks girl! I was a little dizzy on day 5 but I take a magnesium supplement, lots of water, and salty foods
  • Nony_Mouse
    Nony_Mouse Posts: 5,646 Member
    Just be aware that the vast majority of that is water weight, and that your rate of loss will slow considerably (you may already know this, but not everyone does, and are highly disappointed when the massive losses turn into small ones).
  • Robkru22
    Robkru22 Posts: 18 Member
    I’d rather lose it slowly and properly than quickly and not healthy.
    Thanks for the tip!

  • dbhDeb
    dbhDeb Posts: 200 Member
  • wrknonmedaily
    wrknonmedaily Posts: 203 Member
    Nice! 25 pounds down. Started in Oct 2019. Have slipped here and there, holidays, but trying to get back on track.