What diet tips work for you? Let's share



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    Not eating unless you are sitting down to a table and "dining". No tasting, crumbs, bits, bites.

    Cook just as much as you need. If you deliberately cook extra, serve it up into its storage container as you plate the rest of the foot.

    Oh, yeah, about that. No serving bowls on the table. Plate up the food in its portions in the kitchen. They sell portioning scoops. Use them, especially for messy things that are easy to scoop extra of.

    Tidy up before the plates go out. It's hard to come back to wipe out the sauce with bread if the skillet already went into the sink to soak.

    Go to bed on time. Otherwise you wind up staying up past your dinner and getting hungry.

    GREAT tips!
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    I've started pre logging dinner. That helps me stick with the plan. It also let's me know if I can have a little extra something.

    Yes on drinking water before and during meals. I have carbonated water with a splash of cranberry juice.
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    I usually try to keep trigger foods out of the house so that I am not even tempted. But occasionally we have treats that I will indulge in. I usually eat just a small helping and then drink a lot of really cold water, like maybe 15-16 oz. right afterwards. For some reason that helps me feel like I satisfied whatever craving I had and the cold water tends to help the craving for more go away.
  • I keep several things that are treat-ish for me that I can either have or live without, and they are from 25 to 130 calories. By pre-logging the day, I find, ah, I can have a cookie with tea tomorrow afternoon! Or say, "I'm only having three meals, but what meals they are!" and it works for me. I am, however, an admitted control freak. (grin)
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    Limiting the following White Foods: Flour, Sugar, Potatoes, Rice, Milk has helped me keep my calorie deficit where it should be.
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    I don't eat about 200 exercise calories per day. I'm still losing slowly. If I get my exercise calories, I hardly lose at all.
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    Sleep enough and burn more calories than I eat.
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    Besides logging, weighing, measuring and exercising. What diet tips do you use that work for you?

    I order a salad with dressing on the side. I dip my fork into the dressing and then spear some greens. I get a small taste of dressing but not too much.

    Hi. I have found a nice assortment of snacks that are low calorie or no sugar. Making small changes like only having fruit after6om in the evening, knitting to stop me snacking. Also I’m on the true weight challenge on Loss a 1lb a week’ ( I know you belong to the group too so feel free to add me if you wish ) all the best.
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    LOVE this!