second week on with intermittent fasting!

Hey so this is the first time that I am posting since I never knew that this was available online. I heard so much about intermittent fasting and loved the idea that I only had to worry about my meals for 8 hours. So I fast Monday - Thursday and off Friday and Saturday night/day. I def feel better, have more energy and less bloated. Have any of you intermittent fasting.


  • HealthyGinny
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    I'm doing it too, only half the week too as I read it's more beneficial that way for women (while men can do IF every day if they want). Good luck with IF!
  • manderson27
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    I like to use my calories later in the day so it suits me. This means I eat my last meal at around 7pm and don't eat again until around 1pm the next day. This is mainly because I am just not a morning person and can't face breakfast very often. I usually only eat it if I have to take medication with food.

    There are many ways of doing IF and if it suits you then go for it. A lot of people on here use it to keep a calorie deficit. :)
  • Luciicul
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    Yep, have been doing it for 9 months, alongside lchf wholefood way of eating. It’s been a game changer for me.