Low carb high protein diet

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Have anyone tryied a diet like this. And if you have does it work


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    Have anyone tryied a diet like this. And if you have does it work

    It will work if it puts you in a calorie deficit...if it doesn't leave you in a calorie deficit, it won't work. All diets work the same way...calorie deficit.

    This^. Plus, I would consider sustainability as a large part of the equation. If this is a way you prefer to eat and will enjoy and will be satiating, great. Also, will it meet any fitness goals you may have. For performance for endurance training and weight training, it is less that optimum with many people complaining of lack of energy when exercising. For muscle building, carbs are protein sparing.
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    Great job
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    My husband is doing keto right now. He did it a few years ago and lost 50lbs in about 3 months. He eventually gained it all back when he quit smoking a year and a half ago. Now that he felt confident in not smoking he is back on keto and doing well. He tried just logging his food, and he was losing a bit, but he really does thrive on keto. So when he started again he lost more weight in his tummy and areas he needed moreso than when just restricting. He does check and he's in ketosis all the time. After quiting smoking, and really eating pretty horrible, he became diabetic. He's off all meds and his blood sugar is perfect. Our neighbour was a lot worse than him diabetic wise and and been off insulin and other meds for years. Our neighbour isn't hard core keto anymore either, but doesn't really eat added sugars, just small amounts of fruit and his bourbon at night.

    My hubby really thrives on keto, but myself not so much. I get very sick and basically because of food allergies don't have enough variety unless it's summer here and I have access to safe greens and veggies. So I do feel it's not for everybody. I think we're all different and in some parts it does seem like the blood type diet book is partially correct. Parts of it are correct for my hubby for sure, and some for me, and some are way off. So I say try it if you want to. If you do well and feel amazing like my hubby it's worth it (you can get the keto flu which will make you feel sick, but stick it out). If it's not for you, you'll know in the first month.
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    Have anyone tryied a diet like this. And if you have does it work

    Not sure where you've got fats in the equation, but I have tried higher protein with very low carbs.

    Make sure to get your essential fatty acids. I supplement EPA/DHA fish oils regardless of where I'm landing in a day for fat intake now. Additionally, electrolyte management is something you need to understand, as it is different on a low-carb/keto way of eating.

    If you have interest in any activities that require glycogen for optimal performance (strength training is a prime example), you will need to either learn about types of carbs and carb timing, or you will need to be prepared to use something like glucose tablets before and during training.

    As a few mentioned already, a way of eating needs to be something you can adopt/adapt in the long-run. If you think it might be a match, give it several months with good focus and a willingness to learn from good sources. Also, the calorie comments are valid as well -- you need to be able to maintain a deficit to succeed in weight loss.
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    No, because I've figured out a way to eat what I want, not count macros (only calories) and lose/maintain in a way that I enjoy.

    But I also don't have any health issues (started at a healthy BMI, just now more lean) or any other reason to bother trying diets.