Cheat day: What do you eat?

PoppyGlee7 Posts: 4 Member
We all have those cravings when we are dieting , what do you eat on cheat day and for how long you wait for that day to come?
[ I crave for a cheesy pepperoni pizza and I do it once a month]


  • Xiao_Ya_
    Xiao_Ya_ Posts: 495 Member
    If it's something little, like a hard candy, I'll let myself have it once a week, if it's a whole meal, like pirozhki, then once or twice a month.
  • ghudson92
    ghudson92 Posts: 2,061 Member
    I usually make room for one slightly more indulgent meal a week, but dont consider it to be cheating. For me it is usually indian food.
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    I don't consider what I eat cheating, I would say any meal ordered or out.. especially anything really expensive. Good quality sashimi is my weakness.
  • vanityy99
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    edited January 2020
    A cheat day for me..

    Breakfast- scrambled eggs with bacon.(usually I just do egg whites and coffee, most of the time just coffee).

    Lunch- French fries, 5 pieces bbq wings 4 pieces chicken fingers , and 1 slice of pepperoni pizza, with ranch dip. ( usually I do a salad with bbq wings, or a slice of pizza with a salad) this time I do all of it.

    Any McDonald’s combo with an Oreo McFlurry ( usually I just do the burger and that’s it or a McFlurry alone)

    That would be a dream day. I’d be set. Mind you I’ve never had a day like that. One of those meals would be satisfying enough.. but it’s the time of month for me and all that just sounds 👌 perfecto right about now.
  • SwannySez
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    On cheat day I eat whoever I want.
  • LiftNRiot
    LiftNRiot Posts: 463 Member
    We worked through lunch yesterday in a meeting all day. Someone ordered pizza so we ate that even though I brought my lunch. And then I had a plethora of tacos for dinner.
  • AriesFL
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    My cheat day will be at a festival at Epcot with plenty of food and wine.
  • Chef_Barbell
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    I'm getting a bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel for breakfast.... NYC classic 👌🏽
  • wwwtheselion11
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    I no longer do cheat days. Take those days off to see faster improvements, or use it for energy