What's One Ingredient You Swear by - That People Should Use More Often?

Whether it's for nutritional value, taste, or other...

I've recently fallen in love with toasted sesame seed oil. Pouring a little bit on veggies or stir fries goes a long way.


  • BailTuck
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    I recently discovered Harissa seasoning. Good on veggies. Olives. Fries. Popcorn.
  • puffbrat
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    Sour cream. I feel like in a lot of dishes it can substitute for cheese (and/or salad dressing) without my even noticing there's no cheese. A dollop in most soups, lentils, beans, makes it creamy and delicious. I like full fat or light sour cream, either one.

    My cousin and I both claim that sour cream should have it's own special food group because it's so good.
  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,647 Member
    Smoked sea salt
  • sardelsa
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    IAMGREATBEARD Posts: 126 Member
    Has to be cayenne pepper powder 👌🔥
  • thatsmejb
    thatsmejb Posts: 83 Member
    Ground Golden Flaxseed. Nice flavor, all the Omegas of fish oil without the smell, ALA to help fight inflammation & they help control hunger. I add this stuff to at least half of my meals.

    Interesting, will have to look into this!!
  • thatsmejb
    thatsmejb Posts: 83 Member
    Has to be cayenne pepper powder 👌🔥

    I use this a lot as well!!!
  • apullum
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    If I have to pick just one, it's probably Penzey's Fox Point/Justice. They're the same spice blend, except Fox Point has salt and Justice doesn't. I put it in and on everything; notable examples include scrambled eggs, pizza, pasta, and beans.

    If I can list more than one, let me know :)