Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Letsdreadlift
    Letsdreadlift Posts: 26 Member
    Feel free to add me! On a quest to lose my last 15 lbs. :)
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 27,242 Member
    Anyone is more than welcome to add me ... I love to support/cheer anybody on their journey :)
  • Ariadnas97
    Ariadnas97 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello everyone! I’ve done keto last year before I found out I was pregnant and lost around 15 lbs. need some motivation! Add me :)
  • Stormydreamer
    Stormydreamer Posts: 1 Member
    needing inspiration, motivation, and encouragement,,, will give inspiration, motivations and encouragement back. willing to make new friends
  • justanotherguy2020
    justanotherguy2020 Posts: 223 Member
    I would love to have more friends on this journey to getting back to my college weight! 10lbs down, 35 lbs to go!
  • diamonds1202
    diamonds1202 Posts: 19 Member
    Hi! I was a member of MFP years ago and was very successful in losing weight. And then.. I gained it back. I have since made a new account to get restarted. I recently have begun a more plant based approach to eating (though I don't know if I'd call it quite vegetarian yet,) but I am very happy with how I'm feeling.

    I'm looking for friends, both plant eaters and meat eaters alike who will be supportive!
  • JigglyNarwhal
    JigglyNarwhal Posts: 2 Member
    Hi! I have a personal trainer helping with my exercising and diet plan, but I could definitely use help with motivation and accountability.
  • ehalps26
    ehalps26 Posts: 25 Member
    i’m in!
  • lorigoesvegan
    lorigoesvegan Posts: 28 Member
    Active daily, feel free to add me! 😊
  • Grumpy_Hubby
    Grumpy_Hubby Posts: 174 Member
    Grumpy hubby here doing OMAD. Not taking life to serious.

    Give me a add
  • swazzom93
    swazzom93 Posts: 26 Member
    Would love to have some adds on here. Will help with my motivation.
  • jojopops1
    jojopops1 Posts: 15 Member
    Starting again, could do with some friends 😁
  • kazjt3001
    kazjt3001 Posts: 6 Member
    😊 hi everyone 👋
  • tfoxymama1965
    tfoxymama1965 Posts: 8 Member
    Yes please. New friends are welcome
  • RaevsReality
    RaevsReality Posts: 30 Member
    Geeky gamer gal here, trying to get back to being active and logging daily - hoping for more active friends (fellow gamers a plus!)
  • Angel_619
    Angel_619 Posts: 4 Member
    Looking to for friends add me
  • T4RB
    T4RB Posts: 15 Member
    Hi! I'm back and could use a few friends!
  • Clairejuly
    Clairejuly Posts: 9 Member
    I'd love to make new friends! :) Please add me if you like!
  • dloewen17
    dloewen17 Posts: 51 Member
    Active every day, open diary. Be cool to have more friends 😁 add me!
  • KariBear7
    KariBear7 Posts: 26 Member
    Hello! Looking for new friends to help motivate me!