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Hello everyone. My name is Meagan I am 5’1” and 177lbs. I have been losing weight gaining, losing gaining on and off for a while now. I have been working out and watching what I eat. I would like to boost my wieghtloss and engery. Is there any good diet pills that y’all know of that will help?
-please no negativity
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    I’m not being negative, pills are not necessary.
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    There are two types of weightloss pills.
    1. Placebos that do absolutely nothing. These are the better kind
    2. Pills containing caffeine or speed that can burn a very small number of calories (like 50 a day )but can also have a very negative effect on your heart health and brain health. These are a really bad idea

    You guys both sound pretty convinced, but I'm not so sure you're right. Here's a TED talk by a notable endocrinologist where he talks about his practical weight-loss results testing drugs that control insulin. I don't want to misrepresent his argument as being in support of weight-loss pills, but either way... we're looking at practical results from notable a professional. You can find peer-reviewed studies on caffeine and other drugs, as well, and the research is generally not going to fit your description.

    If someone is struggling with confusion about drugs, it makes sense to refer them to a doctor. If you're willing to instead listen to everyone that has an opinion on weight-loss (even people that were personally successful), you're going to get a million conflicting views.
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    Under certain circumstances, metformin (a diabetes drug) can be helpful for weight loss in non-diabetics. This has been demonstrated in well done studies (double blind, control groups).

    Unfortunately, because this is an older, generic, inexpensive drug, not a lot of studies have been done. Money often drives research.

    The studies that have shown good results are for people who are insulin sensitive, insulin resistant, and/or taking antipsychotics.

    Of course these people will also lose weight simply using CICO (just like everyone), but metformin makes it a little easier, probably by reducing appetite.

    And of course those people are staring down the barrel of possible negative side effects too. If you have exhausted all attempts to control your hunger naturally and you are considering a drug you are in the neighborhood of weight loss surgery.
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    If there were magic weight loss pills, there would be no fat people. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I’m going to reiterate this very spot on point. And a very real downside is how these can have serious health consequences for some people.
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    I took weight loss pills from doctor they were called redutcil they now been taken off in UK and I think USA as they gave people heart problems stokes high blood pressure , yes in 6 weeks I lost a stone but also ended up with high blood pressure because of those tablets , so I’d say don’t take any nothing is a quick fix
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    If you look at the fine print of any "diet pill" weather its a prescription or OTC they all say "results not typical" and "in conjunction with diet and exercise". Most of these pills curb your hunger, but do nothing really in the form of weight reduction by themselves. And at some point you have to come off of the pills because they are not meant for long term use so what do you think will happen then if you haven't improved your way of eating? Better to stick to a healthy calorie deficit and move more. There are no negative side effects from doing that :)