How often do you step on the scale?



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    @Safari_Gal_ people say that it’s supposedly easy to hit the disagree button by accident but I’ve seen so many disagrees lately, it’s way more than usual. There are always going to be people who just must disagree even when it makes no sense.
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    I typically weigh in daily but sometimes I take breaks. In my case my weight can jump around quite a bit. Like i'll lose 10 pounds in a couple weeks and then i won't lose anything for a couple weeks. It can be very frustrating when you're doing everything right and you gotta wait for the weight to star coming down again.. I've remained positive though and now ive lost over 210 pounds. 100 pounds more to go.

    That is an incredible weight loss! Good for you, very inspiring!
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    every week, I wish I didn't have to
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    Once a week.
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    Daily (when I actually remember to do it). Not because I'm desperate to see how much weight I've lost in a day, but because more data helps illuminate the actual trends; it makes it easier discard large spikes or dips as water weight fluctuations, etc.
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    For me it’s a double edged sword because if I weigh every day the fluctuations and plateaus can upset me. But then I weigh every day because I have a bad obsession with the scale and I don’t want to miss a low weigh in. I’m using a trending app it’s currently saying that I’m gaining 1 lb a week lol!
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    I weigh-in every 4 or so days. If I eat a lot of sodium, I wait a week before weighing myself because the water weight will throw me off mentally.
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    Every day, but even though I am aware of fluctuations, they still bother me. Considering going down to maybe 2-3 times a week instead.
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    I weigh and record first thing every morning.
    I use these daily weights to formulate my weekly weight

    I do however jump on the scale anytime I find myself in the bathroom in a suitable state of undress. These other weigh ins aren't recorded and are just out of curiosity. 30 seconds after I step off the scale I'd have completely forgotten what the scales said.
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    Every day, but even though I am aware of fluctuations, they still bother me. Considering going down to maybe 2-3 times a week instead.

    I have the same issue too 😔
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    I admit that when I know I overindulged the day before, I don't weigh the next morning. I don't want to know the damage. I just vow to do better the following day.
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    I don't weigh myself at all. I know in my mind what I want to look like in the mirror and I can see that I am headed in the right direction. It will take awhile to be where I want to be but I want to focus on a lifestyle change versus dieting for weight loss.
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    When I first started I only logged the days I was down weight but after a couple weeks, I started to log every day and still am. I like to see the fluctuations depending on whether I had a big salty meal, if I had an intense work out session etc. it’s also nice to see that despite fluctuations, the overall trend is down. It also helps me know I’m not losing my kind when I can see long term trends. Installed from mid November to New Years, only losing 4 lbs and you can see that on the graph with the red lines showing the trend. I feel writing is a matter of personal preference. If weighing everyday and seeing the fluctuations is going to discourage you, then once a week/once every 2 weeks/once a month works fine. It’s about finding what works for you
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    I weigh myself once a week and take my measurements once a month. Usually if my scales don't move I'll for sure see a difference in inches.
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    I weigh every morning, sometimes I forgot the odd day usually at the weekend. I find it helps me keep on track otherwise I’m sure I would slip up during the week and binge eat. I also log my weight onto the app Happy Scale as I like the visualisation of the goals.
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    I used to be a every day weigher but the number bothered me then my bartires in my scale died now I'm back on it I haven't replaced those batteries and just weigh once a month at the chemist for 50p
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    Once a week, every monday. I watch trends, not specific numbers.
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    I don't weigh myself at all.
    Having just said this I now realized that I have to weigh myself soon as that information is pertinent to power performance data for my cycling training :smiley:

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    Every morning, before I drink anything. I need enough data points to accurately determine the trend.

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    I'm a daily weigher, but I started incorporating a lot more strength training three weeks ago. Since then the scale hasn't budged. Going to likely weigh once a month now. I was getting too frustrated/discouraged because the number was staying high (despite losing two pant size and three top sizes). Brought the measuring tape out and had lost some inches on my waist and chest (gained one on my butt) since the second week of upping the frequency of my weight training. So.... yeah.