Lose 20-25 pounds before Easter 2020 (February 1st-April 12th)

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I am dreading the family get-together for Easter, because of my weight, and I know that I cannot be alone, so I am starting this thread, and even if no-one joins, I will still go it alone! Based on a healthy 2 lb loss per week, that would make a recommended weight loss of 20 pounds before Easter (starting February 1st)...however, since I really need to lose 25 lbs and since the rule bending can be done in moderation...which is, in this case, fighting to lose an extra .20 lbs per week, this is a 20-25 lb challenge. Join me please, and we can hold each other accountable, talk of our struggles, our shortcomings, our wins, and all of the life-y things that go hand-in-hand with weight loss. (If you doubt my motivation, the last time I decided to lose weight, I lost 35 pounds during just the spring season...so this is truly happening...for me, anyway....and maybe you, too?)

I skipped the family Thanksgiving because I was so ashamed of my weight, claiming that I was not feeling well, and would have skipped Christmas too, if I hadn't been afraid of how obvious it would be if I claimed to be sick again, so I just strategically dressed to hide my weight gain and tried to disappear into the shadows so no-one would judge me for ballooning. (The equation for that basically being: mom life+work=bulging waistline.) So, if you are like me and typically hide in sheets and shadows out of shame, join me so Easter doesn't have to put you into a downward spiral of self-esteem misery! Tell me your story below!


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    I am trying to stay consistent and lose some weight for my wedding this summer. I have my bridal shower Easter Weekend (as I live over 7 hours from my family) so I would love to have some decent progress around then. It would be nice as there will be lots of family and friends there with lots of photos being taken as well. I mostly just want to get back to feeling like my old self, lots of swimming, hiking, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc all summer without feeling tired or winded. Its been hard to feel motivated to buy a dress for myself and to plan my hair and makeup when I am not feeling super confident either. Also having the energy to dance all night will be a huge bonus lol

    My goal for the wedding is 25lbs down minimum, and so far I am down 2lbs. I would like to lose 5lbs in February and 5lbs in March. I think this is a reasonable goal to reach especially if I stay consistent. My engagement photos are also at the end of February so it would be nice to feel fitter and slimmer by then as well.

    So here it is:
    Current weight: 163 lbs
    April 12th Goal: 153 lbs
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    Just having trouble with my weight at the start of the year, it has been stop/start. I need to weigh in more consistently like at the same time & not overthink about the number just look at the overall trend for weeks to see that it’s working or not & adjust, my aim is to lose at least 20 lbs the first 5 months so that’s why I am joining this challenge.
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    I like this challenge because a buddy challenged me to something similar. 20pds by Easter. We started on
    Jan 2 and my weight that day was 232
    Today feb19. My weight is 216
    Total lose for me so far is 16
    This week I’ve hit some platoes but hope I over come that by Sunday and see some more progress. My personal goal is 200pds by Easter. That’s 16 pds more to go and a Total lose is 32 pds