Need to lose 40

Would love to have more friends on here. I've had this account for 4 years but lost my motivation. I now have bulging disc and degenerative disc so trying to lose weight so hopefully I can live a mostly pain free life. Would love to have friends on here to help me stay motivated. Add me 😁


  • jasonweatherall
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    Miransa, I've had one person friend me but I cant figure out how to friend other people....I'm using this website for calorie tracking and its going well but because of the country I'm in I cant download the app. Is the app the only way to invite friends?

    Not social media challenged
  • mworeilly
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    Welcome back.
  • SpinforCals
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    Welcome back and good luck with recovery
  • arrianna9748
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    Hi Miranda. I will happily friend you. I got back into a healthy eating program and used this app to track my nutrition and worked out 5 - 6 days a week and dropped 12 kilos in 7 weeks.... then Christmas happened. I’m back in the game so perhaps we can support each other. I started on Monday at 98.8 kilo and now it’s Friday and I’m 95.5 so far. Always lose big in my first week then it slows down to 1 - 2 kilos a week. Aiming for 65kgs
  • maaka1981
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    You'll beat your goals I'm sure
  • jeraldt6
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    I need to loose 50 to hit my ideal weight. I'm 6'4 so don't show it too much so I haven't worried about it much. However, the surgeon says I need back surgery, fuse in two locations. He also said If I strenthen my core and lose 50 pounds, I might be able to put it off. He put me on pills. that was a few years ago. Been on and off this site the whole time but never had friends. Since having friends, things are getting a lot easier. I now have more reasons to log on every day, log my food and exercise. I've been at the gym 4 days a week since Dec.1, two of those days with a trainer. Best part of this whole thing is the trainer has really helped me. I have learned how to pick out the muscles I need to work on to counter the ones I have worked on to ballance things out. I learned how to stretch properly. I learned a whole lot more and now my back pain is much much less and the pills cut back from 6 a day to 2. I'm down 10 pounds and 4 % body fat and gained a lot of muscle since Dec. 1. Trainer did for me what physical therapy couldn't. Three keys for me, Gym, Trainer and my friends on MFP.
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    You got this. No doubt. πŸ˜ƒ
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    Feel free to add me, always happy to spur you on! :-)