It's nighttime and I want my dessert!

Someone please tell me not to eat dessert. I'm just starting to get back on track with my eating and logging in mfp, and already I'm thinking about ways to treat myself because I "deserve" it. Like so many other people, I'm so good during the day but it's so hard to resist the temptations at night! Tell me not to open my fridge/freezer/cupboard!! I feel like the imaginary o:) and >:) are on my shoulders.


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    Don't eat your dessert! I said that because you told me too. LOL I swam 2 miles yesterday evening. As soon as I got home, I had the sudden urge to go to McDonalds. I felt the same way...I earned the right to eat it. To be honest, the only reason I didn't is because I was too tired to get dressed out and go back out after showering.

    I struggle with the same temptations every night. Best thing you can do is to get the dessert out of your house if you are able. I have two teenagers and two little kids at home, so I can't completely get the junk food out of the house. I'm afraid if I did that they would plot to kill me in my sleep. One of the things that has helped me is that I live in Japan and a lot of the sweets we have here come in individually wrapped packages. Kind of makes it easier to stop after only one or two cookies, but it is still a big struggle.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for the reply!! Okay you've convinced me, I won't give in. I have kids too, and it's almost impossible to keep the junk out of the house. I just have to be stronger! Thanks again and good job on resisting your own temptations! :D
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    ugh night is the worst for me too...... yeah for your resistance that is great.
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    That's a great idea! I'm literally on day 2 of tracking again, so it's a little early for me to be thinking I deserve a treat. I had several false starts in January and I really need to go at least a few more days before I can let myself have a cookie. Otherwise I'll just get derailed again. I'm all or nothing, at least in the beginning. But I like your idea of saving up for it during the week. Hopefully I can gain some momentum and get there. It's always the first few days that are the hardest, especially going into a weekend. Thanks for the support!
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    the other angle for motivation might be to analyse how you feel after the cookie. I guess if you've decided you 'deserve' it then it might not work, but if you have one and feel guilty about it, write down that feeling as you're feeling it - similarly if you're proud that you've resisted temptation write down how you feel about that. This whole diet thing is mind-games really, so the more you can feel good about yourself when you make the choices that help you the more you're going to be motivated to make the 'right' choice.
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    What about either saving room for a small dessert or swapping it for something else? For example, one of my favorites is to microwave apple slices with cinnamon. A slice of butternut squash with pumpkin spice is really good. If I have the calories I'll put a dollop of Greek yogurt on them. Frozen berries are low calorie and are great 15 minutes out of the freezer.
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    You're stronger than I am. If there's dessert in the house, it's mine and I'm a goner. :( Knowing my weaknesses I try not to have temptation in the house at all. With kids it's more challenging, but are there things they like, that you don't mind passing up? For ex., my dh likes chips, crackers, etc. I'm fine without them or with just 1-2 for taste. But last time he wanted ice cream, I just had a 'little', then a 'little' bit more and wait...'a 3rd little bit' more. :( All in one setting. Haven't bought ice cream since. :/

    Night time does seem to be the hardest for me also. :( I get the munchies terribly, as soon as I get into bed with a book. So it's back into the kitchen I go. Normally I've saved 300 or so calories so I can have a piece of Italian bread with a T. of peanut butter. I love junk cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and have thought of getting a box so I could have a cup of them as a snack. But I know me, and I could easily polish off a box within 24 hours. :(

    Create a new habit, make a plan, and say no to those higher calorie temptations(save them for an occasional indulgence). Good luck!!!!
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    Another vote for saving room for it. Everything in moderation, portion control, and staying in a calorie deficit.
  • I have hot cocoa with real whipped cream on top every night. It works out to about 90 calories, and I can't drink it fast (cause hot) and the fat in the whipped cream makes me feel full long enough to go to sleep.
  • I eat a piece of something sweet almost every day. A square or two of Dove chocolate (~42 kcal per square), a mini snickers (~45 kcal), a Dum Dum sucker (~20 kcal)... I’ve found just a little something keeps cravings away. If I have a lot of calories left I might spurge on a full candy bar or gummy bears (those have SO many calories, yikes), but this only happens 1-2 times per month.
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    What helps me:
    * Take a small portion in a bowl, put the package away, then go sit down. Don't eat out of the package.
    * Brush your teeth right after you eat supper.
    * Have fresh fruit and nonfat Greek yogurt for dessert.
    * Fitting sweets into your day makes a difference, even if it's just a few bites. Eat slowly and savor it!
    * Keep trigger foods locked up, and have someone else get it for you. This has really saved me ; )
    * If you read in bed, make a rule NOT to eat in bed.
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    I keep a very large bar of 90% Cacao Dark Chocolate in the drawer next to my bed. I will admit that it takes a bit of getting used to (the 90%). I slowly worked my way up from 70% bars. I buy the Sam's Choice one from Walmart. It is under $2.00 . Once square has about 63 calories and 0 carbs. I break the square into about 10 pcs and slowly suck on them when watching Tv and the chocolate cravings hit. It is a high chocolate content and still creamy. Just not very sweet until you get used to it. Then it is easily sweet enough. If my macros allow, I occasionally have two squares. Added benefit: A TON OF ANTIOXIDENTS in the dark chocolate which makes it guilt free.

    I also make sugar-free jello (about 10 calories and 0 carbs) and I put a dollop of whipped cream on top (25 calories and 3 carbs) so that I will feel "special". I hope this info helps.
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    The one thing that keeps me away from dessert sometimes is just wanting to not undo the good things I've done that day. It would be like giving back some of the progress and I don't like that. I like to hoard progress, LOL.

    There's a secret to dieting though. After a while of eating whole, healthy foods and keeping a calorie deficit, the oft-suggested "fresh fruit and Greek yogurt" actually tastes like dessert. Like a really good dessert.