Weight loss that came with a wife

Regardless of my weight loss situation or my journey, MyFitnessPal will always have a special place in my heart. Why you ask, well, it found my wife when I wasn't even looking.

I was brand new to Chicago at the very beginning of 2013, looking for nothing more than to continue to lose weight in my new city. I had already been logging for a few months regularly and posted in a Windy City Forum asking for recommendations.

I am by no means a social person or heavily interactive on the site, so when I got a private message from a local Chicagoan welcoming me to the city, I didnt think much of it. Fast forward 3 months and we became daily pen pals, swapping messages multiple times a day through the app.

I finally got up the nerve to meet her in person, with absolutely no discussion on romantic interest from either side. In fact, neither of us knew that the other was gay.

Fast forward to 2020. We have been together for 7 years, married for 2.5. We both continuously log our calories after a 80 pound weight loss (me) and a 50 pound loss (her). Our love of food is still there, as is our desire to remain healthy.

So whenever someone asks me how I do it; I always recommend MFP. And hey...you might get a wife out of it too.


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    Beautiful! Congrats on your marriage and your weight loss! 💕
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    What a lovely story to start my day with <3

    Thanks for sharing and congrats!
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    Awwwww, lovely!! <3 Congrats!!
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    Such a beautiful story!! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)
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    Oh my gosh, glowing from your glow! Heart warmed, and thank you for sharing your lovely story and beautiful wedding photo!!
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    This is a beautiful story! Your dresses are beautiful too!! Congrats!!
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    I love your story and the beautiful pic.
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    What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing and I wish you two the best!
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    What a beautiful start to my day! Thanks so much for sharing your love story <3
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    I absolutely LOVE this!!! Congrats to you and your partner!
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    What a sweet story. Congrats on your weight loss and for finding love.
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    Congratulations!!! What a beautiful story and couple! This makes my heart so happy!!!
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    What an awesome story! You both look stunning in your gowns. Congrats!
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    This is gorgeous in every way! Love your story!
    Congrats to you both!