Weight loss that came with a wife



  • Sand_TIger
    Sand_TIger Posts: 947 Member
    That's such a great story! And a great picture too. I wish you many happy years together.
  • hlr1987
    hlr1987 Posts: 151 Member
    Congratulations! This is such a heart warming story :)
  • sugarlemonpie
    sugarlemonpie Posts: 311 Member
    That is so adorable! You two are gorgeous. Congratulations! <3
  • Buttermello
    Buttermello Posts: 127 Member
    edited February 2020
    Love this! Congrats!

    Im in chicago too! What windy city forum are you talking about, if you don't mind sharing?
  • TravisJHunt
    TravisJHunt Posts: 533 Member
  • pence429
    pence429 Posts: 28 Member
    Simply beautiful.
  • SkinnyGirlCarrie
    SkinnyGirlCarrie Posts: 259 Member
  • danger1108
    danger1108 Posts: 15 Member
    Eeeeeeeeee!! I love that post and your picture. ♥️♥️♥️
  • AnaSoluna
    AnaSoluna Posts: 16 Member
    Congratulations on the life you've built! Sending love from a fellow queer Midwestern woman!
  • Sylphadora
    Sylphadora Posts: 75 Member
    That's so lovely! It's great that you share an interest in keeping the same healthy lifestyle. Couples who are healthy together stay together ;)
  • girlwithcurls2
    girlwithcurls2 Posts: 2,257 Member
    What a great "how we met" story!! And you have a buddy for life to help you stick to the plan! Having a supportive partner helps so much. I wish you many, many happy and healthy years together! :heart:
  • Alex
    Alex Posts: 10,145 MFP Staff
    Congratulations on the weight loss and the love!!!! This post makes my day.
  • dbanks80
    dbanks80 Posts: 3,685 Member
    Awwww what an awesome story!
  • Jomotive
    Jomotive Posts: 16 Member
    Weight loss aside, those are some amazing dresses too! Super cute.
  • mstheglitch
    mstheglitch Posts: 37 Member
    You both are so beautiful in your dresses. :smile: Congratulations to both of you for keeping the weight off!
  • BuiltLikeAPeep
    BuiltLikeAPeep Posts: 94 Member
  • ghudson92
    ghudson92 Posts: 2,061 Member
    Aww this made me super happy!
  • LaReinaDeCorazones
    LaReinaDeCorazones Posts: 274 Member
    Your story is almost as beautiful as you two are 💕
  • lkpducky
    lkpducky Posts: 15,953 Member
    Congratulations! You never do know where you might meet that special someone! Enjoy your happy and healthy lives together!
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