Here I go again 😞

Hi all,
So this must be the 5th time I’ve started this process, and I always fail. I’m fed up with it. I start with the right intentions but it soon goes downhill.
Has ANYONE got any hints, tips or guidance as to how to stay on track please?!


  • estherpotter1
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    Eat mindfully and make a time for exercise.
  • Lietchi
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    - this is a lifestyle change, not a short term change to lose weight after which you can 'go back to normal'. So eat what you like, just in smaller quantities. And change your habits gradually, if you feel you need to improve your diet long-term.
    - be patient. It's better to lose 0.5lbs a week and keep it off in the long run, than to try and lose 2lbs a week but end up giving up because it feels too hard.
  • AprilSue
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    You got this!!!! I had one time with great success and half a dozen others which failed. I’m back with a new vengeance. You need to WANT it to TASTE it to FEEL it. Your motivation has to come within you. Every time you are tempted or stressed you need to be able to say ... not this time... this time I choose ME!!!
  • whtmiwtg4
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    I feel you. I am in the same sinking boat. I keep trying to bail out the water, but it has a hole in the bottom. We need to figure out what caused it and plug it up this time. We can't give up. This extra weight is costing us years of life, speeding up the possibility of physical disability and illness. The other members have given great ideas. It's a new day. Let's keep trying.
  • RoseyandReady
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    I have joined a few groups on MFP. Checking in and posting progress or slip ups or what I'm feeling keeps me focused on my goal. When you get down, others will pick you up and inspire you to keep going. You've got this, one day at a time! Just keep going, slow and steady.
  • KernowRed74
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    Thank you all. It’s nice to get some positive comments and good tips. I really appreciate the time you took to reply. 👍
  • csplatt
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    Have you tried pre-logging the next day's food the night before? Then your goal the following day is to EAT IT ALL.
  • Who_Needs_Pants
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    It isn't for everybody but I do a combination of Keto and CICO. I'm a carbaholic. When I keep my carbs very low with moderate protein and high fat (I'm not a professional, I just play one on myfitnesspal's macro counter) I lose that crazy drive to eat all the time. I know how joyous eating can be but without carbs I have a manageable level of indifference to eating that I've always seen in naturally thin people.
  • katsheare
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    What usually breaks the process? Do you go all out and then burn out? Do you restrict too much? Do you make huge sweeping changes then feel overwhelmed and go back to the usual? Is it that you're impatient when change isn't happening fast enough? Do you just lose interest? Is food satisfying an emotional need, and you remove it without introducing and alternate coping strategy? Is it because you feel socially challenged because you can't partake in social eating comfortably, go off the rails and one day leads to another? Do you feel like your habits are "too bad, too many, and too hard to change"? Are the foods you're choosing to eat not meeting your needs and preferences? Do you place too many rigid rules for yourself just because you heard you should do this or that without questioning how they will fit your life? Pinpointing the exact points of failure is the key to troubleshooting the process so you can improve on it this time.

    Do the same things and you'll get the same results. There is no willpowering your way out of this. Flex your troubleshooting muscles, you got this!

    @amusedmonkey I hope you have this so you can just copy/paste it over an over. So much good food for thought here, and reminding folks that there are so many different elements of this 'one' thing is spot on!

    @KernowRed74 I second the suggestion to look at challenges and join groups here. It allows your journey to be a social, adaptive one, which for me has been massive.
  • MaltedTea
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    Acknowledge your humanity and the fact you're resilient. This is your 5th time? Many haven't gotten that far: you got this!