Can I commit?

I'm 24 and used to be 135-140lbs 1.5 years ago... started at about 182lbs in October after having a 👶 and since December I've been dancing between 160-165lbs. I really need more motivation..I'm flip flopping with the commitment. Who wants to share accountability with eachother? I think thatd help... Being on the journey with people who want it too.


  • Katmary71
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    I reached goal in September but wanted to say you've got this! Write down reasons you want to lose weight, check out motivational quotes, listen to podcasts, and make one change at a time. Set yourself up for success by getting foods you can moderate in the house, remove trigger foods, and do some meal planning. One thing I've done recently that's fun is a bullet journal where I write weekly goals with boxes to check off when I do them. Example I saw had rewards for boxes checked. I'm also in a group called Fit to Fat, you're assigned a team and it's a friendly competition with other teams plus has other challenges. You get to know your teammates and it's very supportive, they've helped me through some tough times.
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    There are a couple really great ongoing challenges/groups in that section. You'll be surrounded by like-minded (and situationed) people in a slightly more structured setting. It's great stuff.

    I agree, you can do this. Keep it realistic - small person throws all previous life out the window (at least it did for me - but I'm in better shape at 40+ with a nearly 10yo than I was at 25 with no child!!) and browse the groups. There's one in MFP for you :)
  • Woah, those numbers are crazy similar. I’ve always been around 135 lbs, and a year ago I gained weight and was at 180. Since December, I’ve been maintaining 160 because I just cannot commit to a diet and keep eating junk. Super crazy how similar your story is!