How to get last 10 llbs off

Hey everyone I just started on my fitness pal I’ve been on weight watchers and lost 35 llbs but I’m stuck and can’t get past my last 10 llbs anyone have any ideas to help me get past these last 10 llbs.


  • sardelsa
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    The last 10 lbs can be difficult, slower, water weight can mask progress, also you don't have as much wiggle room in your deficit as you used to and it can be easy to go over your goal. If your weight isn't budging, I would start weighing and measuring accurately with a food scale if not already.. make sure you log everyday and be consistent.
  • katsheare
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    Welcome to My Fitness Pal! You are in a place with tons of excellent knowledge and surrounded by people who have more experience than you can shake a stick at :) I hope you enjoy your time here!

    There are some stickied posts that may help, but may require a fair bit of reading to get through:

    Some other questions:
    - how long has your weight been stuck? (There are plateaus and wooshes threads as well)
    - do you weigh all of your food? I've not done WW but I do know it's easier to create a deficit when there's more to lose
    - have you changed anything lately? New exercise regime, sleep pattern change, stress increases (and LOADS of other things) can affect what you're seeing on the scale
    - are you taking any other measurements? I'm also in the (roughly) 10 lbs to lose club, and it's coming off very slowly (like half a pound a week at absolute most) but I know I'm trending the right way because I use Happy Scale and my physical girth measurements are going down month on month (this will stop, then it will be making sure they don't change in any surprising ways...)

    Read through the stickies, keep your food diary and play with it; you've made amazing progress thus far, and are in a good place to continue doing so!