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I won’t track calories anymore

syeda2007syeda2007 Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
I’v been counting calories for a few years now, and I’v barely lost weight. However when I was not tracking calories and did not have a goal I was not watching what I was eating. So this time I will not count calories but I will watch what I eat and I have a goal.
I have been religiously tracking, and tracking sugars on and off. I would get upset if a restaurant or takeaway did not have nutrition info and would worry myself about this, then just give in and just all out binge and sometimes purge after. So I will let go of all restrictions and eat a mixture of foods which are good, I am quite good now with portion size and estimating, you need some limit, but calorie counting is just so oversimplified when something could be low in calorie but will mess with your hormones and gut bacteria, something could be higher in calories and can be beneficial for you and more filling.
We’ve got to eat whole fruit and veg, in raw state so the vitamins are still there. We have to eat whole grains, the odd salty snack won’t hurt. Also sugar is needed not always a bad thing after meal, cos the serotonin helps with digestion, it’s about science. But try it out for yourself- the good old fashioned way of losing weight, without counting calories.
Hopefully I can find something more better to do, to fill in that time. Anyway just posted to help out people who this isn’t working for. I don’t think this app will be of anymore use lol. Good luck!


  • syeda2007syeda2007 Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    Calorie counting is a must for me. I would be guessing all kinds of wrong if I just did it by sight. I don’t see how that will work for you unless you are doing a lot of exercise and burning off the extra calories. For me, I want to eat healthy and avoid sugar and junk. Good

    A lot of people think that, I will allow myself to recover a little as I suffer a bit from ED, and this is one of the treatment which is not to calorie count, me not tracking is not a free pass to eat what I want, it will just be more mindful eating. Also I know a lot of the calories for majority of foods, because I have been doing this for years. I read labels on everything I eat, I also weigh food, so have a rough idea how many g/ml something is.
  • syeda2007syeda2007 Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    Nony_Mouse wrote: »
    It sounds to me like you're blaming the tool (calorie counting), rather than how you used it (your food choices, placing unnecessary restrictions on yourself, etc).

    But as others have said, if you can find another way to be at a consistent calorie deficit over time, resulting in weight loss, that's fine. No one says you have to count calories to lose weight, you just have to eat fewer calories than

    I’v never severely cut calories, and hardly restricted. So I used the tool properly, but it’s not working for me at the moment will try alternative way as I mentioned
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