When you only have less than 20 calories at the end of the day

What do you eat at the end of the night when u only have less than 20-30 calories left? It's hard to find something with such low calories that would make a good snack. (Granted I've already eaten dinner & had a snack so I don't necessarily need it) or do you just not even bother? Thx!


  • MaltedTea
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    Personally, I wouldn't bother. Or you can consider going over calories one day and adjust the next day (or later in the week).

    MFP allows you to see your average calorie intake over the week, as well as if you're over or under. When I'm under by more than 300-400 calories by the weekend, I consider eating a higher calorie snack, side or appy.
  • sardelsa
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    Depends on my goals. Trying to gain, I would make sure I hit my goal, overshoot actually if I can. Trying to lose I would leave it unless I was hungry.
  • JaxxieKat
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    I would just let it go unless you're hungry. I would advise not to leave hundreds of calories over at the end of the day, but a small handful is fine to overlook.
  • lgfrie
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    Bantaam half sour pickles 10 cals
    Ginger Peanut butter chew 16
    Garlic bagel chip 20
    Nuts.com jumbo roasted pecan 20
    Pumpkin seeds - very small, count out the grams to 20
    Red grapes, 3.4 cals each
    Blackberries, 2.8 cals each
    Hershey chocolate kiss 23
  • Lazygirly
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  • wwwtheselion11
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    So i have to choices. I eather work out. Burn mor calories, so i can snack, or i dont bother an sleep it off. . Usually i will sleep it off.
  • neugebauer52
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    A nice cuppa always does the trick for me.
  • hookandy
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    Echo lemurcat2, I would not bother, I don’t see the point in eating for the sake of it. If I was hungry I might look at my deficit to see if I was being too harsh, dinner, snack and still wanting more.... not sustainable
  • cupcakesandproteinshakes
    I think this is not worth stressing about honestly. I never meet my calorie goal exactly. It’s TWUD. Close your diary and move on.
  • gentledreams
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    I don't bother. If I feel I'm peckish just because I'm nervous/stressed I'll have a huge mug of green tea with one or two teaspoons of honey (21-42kcal). If I'm hungry I'll have a 150-200kcal snack (fruit or nuts etc) and won't mind the extra calories as it averages out the other days when I'm not hungry and I have a bigger calorie deficit at the end of the day. To me is more about how hungry I am and whether I had proper nutrition rather than trying to hit the number.
  • paperpudding
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    half a punnet of strawberries is only about 30 calories.

    If I were feeling peckish and had a punnet of strawberries handy I would have that or a small mandarine or 50g of grapes.
    or 100g of watermelon - well I dont actually like watermelon so I wouldnt have that -but you get the point - a small portion of any fruit.

    but only if you want to - 20 calories is not worth bothering over really.
  • missysippy930
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    It’s close enough, I’d let it go.
  • cathipa
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    Considering calorie counting is not as accurate as we would like to believe it is best to do nothing.
  • teresadannar
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    I just add the add extra calories choice under the quick option to the snacks to reach goal, submit so I can see my future weight in 5 weeks (lol) and then minus the extra calories back out. It will then show up that you were under goal.