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  • wwwtheselion11wwwtheselion11 Member Posts: 422 Member Member Posts: 422 Member
    anne2064 wrote: »
    I just started IF and I find it helps me stay honest. I eat between 11am-7pm 16 hours fasting:8 hours of 1200 calories. Lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks!

    Pretty much what i do, but on weekends, once a month, or i gues i should say 2 to 3 days. Amonth an different time
  • ScottgriesserScottgriesser Member Posts: 172 Member Member Posts: 172 Member
    @wwwtheselion11 - 18:6 is fasting for 16 hours and allowing yourself only an 8 hour window to eat

    I'm sure it was a woopsy mistype...18:6 is an 18hr fast and a 6 hour window.
  • Taytaylynn92Taytaylynn92 Member Posts: 222 Member Member Posts: 222 Member
    odieseidel wrote: »
    Doing fasting for Autophagy,I wish this app included fasting.Ive lost 80 pounds with IF and keto. I am 60 and learning to be healthy. I belive that not eating all the time .really helps.

    That’s awesome!
  • knecht53knecht53 Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
    have been doing it for about 3 Years now. it is the only way for me to function throughout the day since i got used to not eating at certain times.

    i also lift heavy weights at 5 pm which makes me very hungry right after. this way i can split my 1.600 kcal to 500 for my break at work and the rest for a big dinner after the gym.
  • lois2077lois2077 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    I'm starting the IF today. My brother's doctor prescribed this diet to him for digestive problems he was having and worked for him. Did it last year and found it the best diet I have ever tried, however, I'm looking for something / someone to keep me accountable and hoping that this site MFP will help me to stick it out. I'm doing the 18:6, 18 hours fast, 6 hour eating window. I'm doing a veggie protein shake at 1pm and then when I'm hungry, usually around 3pm I have a large meal, then if I'm hungry later will have a small meal. Trying to get lots of veggies. I'm also starting to workout everyday, cardio, strength and stretching. Wish my luck!
  • DjproulxDjproulx Member Posts: 2,501 Member Member Posts: 2,501 Member
    After doing quite a bit of reading, I'm going to commit to a time restricted eating approach as recommended by my registered dietician. He created an eating plan for me in 2017 to support my endurance training while also driving a slow weight loss. It worked very well. I followed his plan successfully, except that I did not follow his suggestion to stick to a 14:10 window. This year, I'm returning to racing and want to follow the 14:10 approach as well as his calorie/meal recommendations.

    So, I"m wondering if anyone following an IF approach has experience to share around managing extended cardio sessions while following an IF regimen. My current plan is to do what I did before and only take in fuel (carbs and electrolytes) during long weekend am sessions, since I need the fuel to maintain performance.

    Appreciate any guidance from IF practitioners who are also participating in endurance sports, such as cycling, long course triathlons, marathons, etc. Thx.
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