9pm Munchies

So I get home around 5 and eat dinner. I feel fine, then somewhere around 9pm I start craving a snack. It's very easy to walk to the convenience store near my house and buy a candy bar or bag of chips, etc. What are some tips I could follow to help with late night munchies, so I can hit my calorie goal and actually lose weight?


  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
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    Make a herbal tea and eat ginger after 8 pm. Trader Joe's or make your own.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I plan for a snack. Sometimes it's popcorn, last night it was 2 cookies. Something with protein can be good: cheese stick, greek yogurt, hot chocolate, etc...
  • midlomel1971
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    a cup of hot tea and small piece of fruit works for me.
  • Scottgriesser
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    Leave x number of calories available either by not eating them earlier or exercising for them. No trick needed.
  • kimny72
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    I pre-log a 100-250 cal evening snack first thing in the morning to save those calories. If for some reason I end up not managing to eat them anyway during the course of the day, a can of Coke Zero when it's warmer or a cup of tea with a Dove Dark Chocolate Promise or two (40-80 cals) usually takes care of the crave-iness without squandering any deficit.
  • whoami67
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    I'd plan to have a snack then. I like air popped popcorn. A cup of tea is also nice.

    Or give yourself a manicure. You can't eat with wet nails.
  • Safari_Gal_
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    I work really late and i got into the habit of eating dinner around 11pm/midnight every night. It was fine for calories- but I noticed I wasn’t sleeping as well - dunno why. so I started eating earlier and if I got the munchies after work around midnight - I do herbal tea and it’s worked out well.
  • Sophi_allheart
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    Wow, thanks everyone! I don't know why I haven't tried reserving some calories for a late night snack. I will probably start with that, so I am at least hitting my calorie goal. I might try the "just don't eat" method as well, but we'll see. My schedule is changing up starting next week, so hopefully it will be easier to avoid the late night munchies after that!