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Help settle an argument- coffee as a diet aid



  • bmeadows380bmeadows380 Member Posts: 2,929 Member Member Posts: 2,929 Member
    I may only drink 1 glass of actual water a day if that - usually about 8 oz to chase down my meds, but I routinely get in over 100 oz of black tea, unsweetened in a day, through the 32 oz cup that I keep full on my desk at work and the couple of glasses I'll have at home in the evening. My health markers are all spot on and have been for quite a while, even though this has been my routine for years. My mother put black tea in my bottles as an infant!
  • J72FITJ72FIT Member Posts: 5,657 Member Member Posts: 5,657 Member
    Coffee is just as bad as your soda. Best way to have your coffee is black. If you wanting to se faster results. Drinking more water will help. Cut back on your coffee. Have a 8 to 16,oz cup a day. One or two cups is all you really need. I know people who are drinking it all day. Thats not good. Water is so much better

  • AquaMeowAquaMeow Member Posts: 282 Member Member Posts: 282 Member
    At first I used black coffee as a diet aid but then I realized as someone with anemia it was lowering my iron levels
  • conangt87conangt87 Member Posts: 180 Member Member Posts: 180 Member
    coffee doesn't make you lose weight. A calorie deficit does. Ignore your friend's advice and continue on.
  • rhtexasgalrhtexasgal Member Posts: 554 Member Member Posts: 554 Member
    I am so stuck on my coffee that I created a "recipe" for myself ... I always bring two travel mugs' worth to work with me (solo office and no communal coffee station) doctored with almond milk 1 tsp of coconut sugar and the rest monk fruit ...

    I also will mix cold coffee with my vanilla protein powder for workouts. While the caffeine doesn't help me lose the weight, it does facilitate my muscles warming up a little sooner than normal.
  • angelexperimentangelexperiment Member Posts: 1,888 Member Member Posts: 1,888 Member
    It’s more like you cut soda out. However if you would take your coffee down to a 0 cal sweetener and a dash of creamer you could impact your losses more. Case you are cutting out 200 cal out per drink that adds up
  • kenyonhaffkenyonhaff Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Substituting a coffee (not one of those high cal concoctions) for a soda or other such drinks is a BETTER CHOICE.

    Coffee has some other benefits, too. The caffeine helps keep you going instead of a candy bar. It can help regulate the digestive system in a way diet sodas can't. And just having a hot beverage has appetite curbing effects.

    I don't really like the term "diet aid" because that's all too often a term used to sell something to people trying to lose weight that is a gimmick. No one calls walking a mile a diet aid. No one calls thin crust mushroom pizza a diet aid. You get the idea.
  • mydogisthebestdogevermydogisthebestdogever Member Posts: 629 Member Member Posts: 629 Member
    Coffee is my secret weapon. It satisfies me when I'm hungry for a good hour or two. Just black coffee with a spoonful of low calorie cream.
    It also keeps me alert, and energized so I move.more
    Hey,and it's said to maybe prevent Alzheimers and Parkinson's.
  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Member Posts: 6,180 Member Member Posts: 6,180 Member
    huge big maybe there.

    Unfortunately real life doesnt bear that out - many many people with Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease who drank plenty of coffee
  • elisa123galelisa123gal Member Posts: 3,872 Member Member Posts: 3,872 Member
    coffee curbs my appetite.. it is almost like a mini meal for me. So it works in that capacity for me. maybe not for others.
  • HeidiCooksSupperHeidiCooksSupper Member, Premium Posts: 3,838 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,838 Member
    Your friend is a victim of magical thinking. You, on the other hand, are being smart and reasonable. How much coffee one ought or ought not drink is a constant subject of study and conjecture. If you want the "straight skinny" on coffee, Harvard's "Nutrition Source" is a site known for keeping consumer nutrition information up-to-date and science-based.
  • VeryKatieVeryKatie Member Posts: 5,790 Member Member Posts: 5,790 Member
    If coffee made people lose weight, most people i know would be very thin!

    That being said my daily coffees are 30 calories each... i don't even understand how they would be 200 calories lol (because i am allergic to milk i can only add a little bit). Coffee is like 4 calories per 8 oz... i put a splash of milk in. Are you having milk with coffee in it? Nothing wrong with it since you are logging it. But your friend might be in for a real surprise if she starts adding hundreds of calories of "coffee" (aka milk and sugar) without reducing her food calorie intake.

    Personally I see the value in having coffee with milk instead of soda. The coffee has calcium and protein and fat from the milk!

    Where are you from? I know in Australia, when I ordered a coffee, they gave me a cappuccino instead of black drip coffee and I was like what hahah. Coffee means different things in different countries. Now if i visit Europe or Australia I order an Americano.
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  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Member Posts: 6,180 Member Member Posts: 6,180 Member
    yes quite true.

    for example in America (so I found out since joining this site) ice coffee means cold black coffee with ice cubes

    someone once wrote they didnt bother logging ice coffee because it would have hardly any calories

    I was :o:o

    Because here in Australia iced coffee means very milky very sweet coffee with usually cream and icecream added.
    Anything but "hardly any calories"

    You can also buy cartons of ice coffee - commercial version of above, minus the cream/ice cream but basically sweetened and flavoured milk - like chocolate milk but coffee flavour.
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