How your eating has changed



  • lgfrie
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    I've cut out a decent amount of the junky food (refined white flour, added sugar, most cheese most of the time, processed meats, etc.) but not all of it. It's still probably 20-30 % of my diet, just isn't 90 % anymore. I do try to eat healthy and clean most of the time, which is something I never much bothered with before.

    Nowadays I eat lots of berries, nuts, fruit, some seeds (pumpkin especially) and in general more vegetables with almost every meal. Particularly blackberries and roasted pecans; these are my go-to afternoon snacks. I can get half a day's worth of fiber with 6 oz of blackberries for 73 calories, which I eat almost every day. If I have the calories to burn, sometimes I'll put a few tbsp of whipped cream on the blackberries, but I don't dislike them plain.

    I wouldn't say I'd rather have berries and nuts than chocolate wafer cookies, but I find I have mostly gotten used to the taste and vibe of cleaner eating and it's satisfying in its own way.

    Every once in a while I break down and eat some real crap, though, like my body is crying out for some saturated fat soaked in salt. Like 5 or 10 Walkers chocolate chip shortbread cookies or something.
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    I don't crave junk nearly as much as I used to. I instead crave things like salad, smoothies, or certain fruits or vegetables.
    I also don't find much satisfaction in eating junk anymore. Even on days I let myself cheat without guilt, the greasy or fatty things that used to hit the spot just don't do it for me anymore.

    I think the biggest thing is that I don't get the urge to binge anymore. I used to have an incredibly unhealthy relationship with food. An undiagnosed eating disorder. I would binge, probably a good 4000-6000 calories in one evening, and then starve myself for a week after to punish myself for it, only to do it all over again.

    I made chocolate chip banana bread last week. It was delicious, and I was able to keep myself to having only one slice per day, without craving it the rest of the day. My husband and a few others shared it, too.
    Well, I opened my oven yesterday (I grew up storing baked goods in the oven, off of course, don't judge me) and low and behold, there was the dried out banana bread that I completely forgot existed. Two slices went to waste.

    It was kind of bittersweet, because on the one hand, I hate being wasteful. But on the other hand, not only did I not even have the urge to binge on it, but I forgot it even existed

    I used to eat five or six brownies right away every time I made them (and I made them pretty often). Any leftovers would be promptly eaten the next day. Now when I make brownies, I'll eat one, maybe have another the next day, and freeze the extras. I actually tossed some brownies the other day because I couldn't remember how long they'd been in my freezer.
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    I switched from regular Coke to Coke Zero. Otherwise I eat pretty much all the same foods I used to, just changed up the proportions. More fruit and veg, more fiber and protein, and smaller portions of treats since I weigh and log them now. Honestly for me it's been about defeating the mindless/boredom/emotional eating. I used to eat treat foods because of that, just eating until I wasn't bored or upset anymore. Now I still eat those treats, but because I enjoy them, and I weigh out a portion and put the package away before eating.
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    We basically sub veggies for most other carbs a lot of times. Instead of eating pasta with italian sausage, sauce, cheese, thick garlic bread...we'll have zoodles with ground 85%beef sauce, cheese, and a side of veg. Instead of having mexican food with rice and beans, we might make salad with taco meat and have a few chips and avocado. I mostly eat veggies with protein for lunch and a fruit. I don't even buy loaves of bread anymore. Crackers used to be one of my favorite snacks, but i only buy them on occasion.
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    I have upped my protein significantly and I cut out alcohol significantly. Made a huge difference!
  • ebygin
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    I no longer use sugar in my coffee, I haven't drunk a soda pop since I started MFP 16 days ago. I love salty chips, but the bags are no longer allowed in the house. I have always cooked at home, but hubby likes to go out for wings on Wednesday and dinner on Fridays. Instead of having the big Cobb salad, I have tossed salad with grilled chicken breast and a vinegar based dressing. No more Cheerios and milk for breaky - every morning it is oatmeal with a cup of fruit... apple, black berries, blueberries or strawberries. Instead of bread, I use Wasa Crisp - which I prefer anyways. The small changes and eating less (I used to fill my plate!) and now I weigh and measure has kept me on track. As of yet, I have not craved anything that I have cut out of my diet, I have a big bowl of raw veggies in the fridge now that I snack on if I need a crunch. The bowl is filled with broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumber and carrots. I found out I really like water with a lemon squeeze - my new drink of choice at the restaurant!

  • I have cut way back on wine, eat very little red meat, eat more fiber, basically live on simple meals that are easily weighed, no sauces (except marinara) and watch my fat intake. Eat at home a lot more.
  • fdlewenstein
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    Things that I never did before...
    1. I weigh/measure my portions.
    2. I drink 100 ounces of water everyday.
    3. I track calories and macros.
    4. I try new recipes all the time!
    5. I started building lean muscle.
    6. I am more active.
    7. I am happier!
  • AnnPT77
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    What foods I eat hasn't changed much because of weight loss, but the portion size, proportions, and frequency of certain foods has changed.

    I had a decent-ish way of eating to start with (vegetarian for 45+ years; core of diet was mostly simple, nutritious foods; not a fast-food fan; don't care for soda; etc.) However, I was willing to keep eating whatever yummy-looking things presented themselves, to excess.

    I think the main change I've made is to reduce the proportions of what I think of as "filler carbs", things like pasta, bread, rice, etc., because I personally don't really enjoy them that much, and they don't contribute enough to my nutritional goals to be worth their calories. Instead, I've up the fraction of veggies in a meal: Think veggie stew, rather than pasta with veggie sauce, for example. I still eat pasta, bread, rice, but less of them, and much less often.

    I've also become less inclined to eat OK-ish, but not super-delicious, very calorie-dense foods. I still eat some desserts, for example, but less often, and you'd better believe they're not just "meh" ones. Boring grocery store baked goods are just not tasty enough, to me.

    The big surprise is how much more I've been enjoying food and eating, when the focus is on finding the most worthwhile, delicious, nutritious foods, and preparing them in the ways I find most tasty (as opposed to just shovieling whatever was on hand into my mouth until full). It's really revitalized my interest in shopping and cooking, and I'm enjoying eating so very much more.

    FWIW, I also didn't change my exercise routine appreciably to lose weight. I was already very active while obese, and just kept doing the stuff I find fun. :)
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    I don't eat a food just because it is available or no cost. For example, the dance club my husband and I belong to has treat nights periodically, where everyone brings cookies, cupcakes or something. Last time was Valentine's. I ignored the table completely; didn't even look at what was on there. Same with all those samples available at Costco or the grocery store. If it's something I'm truly interested in trying because I think I might want to buy it, I'll try a sample. Otherwise, no.
  • lightenup2016
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    My main change with food is just to eat less of it. Left to my own devices, I can put away some calories. MFP has helped keep me honest with the calories game. That’s not to say it’s always easy, though!

    I guess one other thing I’ve changed is timing—I eat nothing before 1pm and only drink black coffee before that. That has really helped control my appetite throughout the rest of the day (PMS days are still more difficult but under better control this way).
  • rainbow198
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    I learned that I like volume with my meals. Small meals and snacking all day wasn't satisfying for me. Bigger meals throughout the day is a better fit.

    If I go out to eat, I look at menus online prior to going so that I have a plan.

    Before I would eat everything that was offered to me. Or if it was free - for example free food in the break room at work. Now I will eat it only if I want it and I'm okay saying no thank you.

    I have a plan of what I am eating all week.

    If there's something I don't enjoy eating I will stop eating it. I no longer feel bad about not cleaning my plate.

    I don't keep snacky foods in my house. If I want something I have to go out and buy it or make it at home.

    At times I think of the calories in foods and ask myself is it worth it and I think how much it would take to burn off. For example a 250 calorie glazed doughnut would take me about 2.5 miles of walking to burn off. Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's not.

    I rarely drink calories. Mostly just water and unsweetened tea. No alcohol. Before almost all of my liquid calories were from sugary juice and soda.

    Now I try to eat balanced meals and I know what fills me up and what doesn't.

    I get about 75% of what I eat from the farmer's market each week. I love fruits and veggies! I haven't eaten any meat in a few years.

    Now I start eating when I get hungry which is usually in the mid - late morning. I used to eat as soon as I woke up.

    Also no more snacking at night. I get in my calories during the day and the kitchen is closed after dinner.

    I no longer run to buy candy at 50% or 75% the day after a holiday. In fact I don't eat holiday candy much anymore.

    Light meal prepping on Sundays helps me to save time during the week.

    This is so different compared to the way I used to eat.
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    I use to be a big drinker. I'd drink at least 4 nights a week I'd go out to the bars. Not 1 or 2 beers I'd get *kitten* faced. I still get drunk but it's more like once a month.
    I've learned portion control I use over eat so much its crazy.
    I could drink at least 4 sodas a day now I'll have a soda once or twice a week . I replaced it with green tea and crystal light.
    Snacks use to be a bunch of junk food tons of chocolate and chips I still eat that stuff sometimes but I like to eat protein packs with cheese and nuts tuna and crackers and protein bars.
  • Lillymoo01
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    What I eat more of:
    Vegetables - much more variety too
    Protein - chicken, turkey, eggs, seafood, greek yoghurt
    Dark Chocolate

    What I eat less of:
    Carbs & fats - Rice, pasta, pizza, bread, biscuits and other baked goods, fries and crisps
    Milk chocolate (can't even stand the taste of it now)

    Most importantly, I changed my mindset that there is no such thing and good or bad good to that of whether the calories within the food were worth it as far as satisfaction and enjoyment of flavour. If I decided the food was worth it I'd make sure I could fit it within my diet. It is all about balance rather than restriction.
  • amusedmonkey
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    The only 3 real differences I can see in my diet are:
    - Portion sizes of some, but not all, foods. Where portion size didn't change frequency/combination did if the food had a caloric impact I wasn't comfortable with.
    - Way less olive oil than I used to have.
    - Eating nuts way less often.

    Everything else has stayed roughly the same. The actual changes to my diet were mostly focused on strategies and mental changes. For example, I still eat cake when it's around, but I don't eat both cake AND some other high calorie food on the same day because that makes jigsawing calories harder and my meals end up less satisfying. I still go out to restaurants as often as I did before (which isn't often) and eat the usual amount of whatever restaurant food I want, but I plan for that and save up calories for it.... and so on. As for mental changes, I don't eat foods just because they're available or sitting on the counter. If I want something I eat it, if it's not worth the calories I don't.

    There is one thing that I didn't eat often before that I make an effort to eat now: protein. My protein intake was too low, even lower than the minimum recommended. I make an effort to get more protein where possible and wrap the rest of my food around that. Still not as much as I would like (that would be unsustainable), but much better than it used to be.
  • cherys
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    I've cut out white flour and sugar. It's a relief. It really is. Like ridding your body of an addictive substance. I know not everyone reacts to refined carbs badly but I really do. I used to get uncontrollable cravings especially at about 4pm, and eat about 600 cals of refined carbs, then sometimes again at night another 300 cals of crackers or cereal.

    Now I am eating far more veg, which I love anyway, and more protein which is an effort as I don't really crave protein much. Yesterday tuna and egg in a salad felt really indulgent - two protein sources, but it was the fewest calories I've had since I started because I just didn't feel hungry all day.

    So mainly: more veg, more lean protein (fish, eggs, natural yoghurt and lower fat cheese)