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Welcome to the March challenge, new month new challenge 😀 and I welcome all new 1st timers😀

I’ve joined one of these groups in april 2019 best thing I ever done, lost 32 lb between April and July and another 7lb in sept. It’s really nice to see how others are getting on😀

Give yourself a motivation, this seems to work for me, maybe you have a spring/ summer holiday booked, a party invite or just want to lose those Christmas bellies!

Never too late to start. If your reading this challenge half way through the month you can still join in!😀

Pick your own goal, check in once per week and at the very end of the month. Let's keep encouraging each other & staying focused on our individual goals.

You can change the dates to suit you, but try to keep it weekly as it shows off the weekly progress better😀

Pick how you want to weigh as in lbs kg’s or stones

Feel free to copy & paste the chart.

March start Weight:
March Goal Weight:
Ultimate Goal Weight:

Mar 1 :
Mar 8:
Mar 15:
Mar 22:
Mar 29:
Mar 31:

For those unsure how to do your weekly weight input
When you want to do your weekly update do a search for your original post, copy and paste as a new post in the add post box then you can edit in your new weekly weight, hope this helps

Make this year your year

Good luck guys and have fun 😀😀


  • GeminiLady159
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    I’m in, will post tomorrow March 1!
  • deepwoodslady
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    Start date: February 1, 2020
    Challenge Starting Weight: 191.6 on January 31st
    Challenge Level: ✴✴✴ (15 lbs.)
    Challenge Goal weight: 176.6

    February 01: 191.6 Good luck everyone!

    February 08: 192.0 I started my new plan in order to figure out what is going on with my glucose numbers. Watching calories more than carbs this time (glucose has been running too low!). Today and yesterday found my glucose too high so I will continue to tweak to see if I can come up with a good weight loss plan without hurting my T2D efforts. I am down 0.1 from yesterday which I will call a normal fluctuation.
    February 15: 194.8 Clearly my Valentine’s Day was wonderful and full of food and candy-filled surprises. Back at it today.
    February 22: 195.0 My weight went up this past week after travel and more glucose problems. At a snail’s pace, it is slowly coming back down over the past 2 days. I hope next week’s weight will be even better!
    February 29: 198.6 A 3 lb gain overnight. ½ of a restaurant meal. Good calorie count. Good extra exercise. But carbs hate me. Back to the grind again today!

    Total Loss for February ……………… 7.0 lb GAIN
    Total Accumulation of Weight Loss for Challenge………… 7.0 lb. GAIN

    March 01:
    March 08:
    March 15:
    March 22:
    March 29:
    March 31:

    Total Loss for March …………..
    Total Accumulation of Weight Loss for Challenge…………

    April 01:
    April 08:
    April 15:
    April 22:
    April 29:
    April 30:

    Total Loss for April ……….
    Total Accumulation of Weight Loss for Challenge………..
  • VictoriaFitLife
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    Hi All,
    Here to shed a few lbs gained from the holidays. Super excited for the challenge! Good luck everyone! 👍

    March start Weight: 147 lbs
    March Goal Weight: 139 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight 130 lbs
  • clemsonhrd
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    Hello everyone ..need to drop 30+ lbs.

    March start Weight: 224
    March Goal Weight: 214
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 180

    Mar 1 : 224
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • bobbydavisrules
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    Hello! I'm about 6ish months into my journey but I still have a ways to go. Excited to see everyone's progress this month!!!!

    March start Weight: 168.1 lb
    March Goal Weight: 159.9 lb
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 140 lb

    Mar 1 :
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • gelofool
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    19 mos in from "new life" - started at 278, currently at 234 - running a 10k April 5th - half marathon in October

    March start Weight: 234
    March Goal Weight: 228
    Ultimate Stretch Goal Weight: 208 :open_mouth:

    Mar 1 :
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • moonflower1961
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    My highest weight was 218.
    March start weight 192.5
    March goal weight 187.5
    Ultimate stretch goal weight 180

    March 1:
    March 8:
    March 15:
    March 22:
    March 29:
    March 31:
  • JillyB2018
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    March Start Weight: 187lbs
    March Goal Weight: 183lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 160lbs

    1 Mar 187lbs
    8 Mar
    15 Mar
    22 Mar
    29 Mar
    31 Mar

    Here again, good luck everyone!
  • cherys
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    Hi Everyone.

    @sassbag thank you for starting this challenge.

    Been logging since mid Feb and thought I was sticking to the calories MFP suggested, but was gaining weight. Today is the first time the scales have headed down not up, so good start for March. I want to lose a pound a week - 30lbs in total. So should be at target weight by October 25th (but I know it's not always that straightforward.

    In March the challenge is:
    to lose 5lb
    to go from 25 squats a day to 55
    to go from 5 box press-ups a day to 35
    to go from 15 leg raise sets a day to 45
    to go from 15 minutes cardio a day to 45 mins
    adding 1 minute each day

    March start Weight: 166.5
    March Goal Weight: 161.5
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 136

    Mar 1 : 166.5
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • cjhberry
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    March start Weight: 147
    March Goal Weight: 144
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 137

    Mar 1 : 147
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • estherpotter1
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    March start weight 98kg
    March goal weight 94kg
    March 1 98kg
  • rm00
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    My starting weight: 214
    Current weight: 207.4
    March goal: 202

    1/3: 207.4

    Total loss:
  • tdalebar
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    First (public) challenge. Let's do this! 💪😆

    Mar 1:
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • lynnchristy
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    January start weight: 240
    March start Weight: 231.4
    March Goal Weight: 225
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170

    Mar 1: 231.4
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • melodie1082
    melodie1082 Posts: 185 Member
    March start Weight:261
    March Goal Weight: 253
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 160

    Mar 1 : 261
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • ahmed224224
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    edited March 2020
    January start weight: 277
    March start Weight: 265.5
    March Goal Weight: 250
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 190

    Mar 1: 265.5
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31:
  • TwinMomma2019
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    March start Weight: 165.1
    March Goal Weight: 161.1
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150.0

    Mar 1 : 165.1
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar 31: