Does anyone else find it so boring and uninspiring to keep track of all your meals/calories.



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    If you find logging tedious and boring then by all means, don't do it. How is your weight loss coming along? Even people that are not losing, but want to build muscle and strength log to watch their macros. You don't say what your goals are......
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    Guys I'm gonna go brush my teeth I'm so excited!


    Finally. I didn't think you were ever going to brush them. :tongue:

    I have my list of things that are daily chores. I get no actual enjoyment out of doing them but I do get a sense of satisfaction knowing they are done and, if applicable, knowing they have either improved or maintained something.

    I think the thing that trips people up is that initially you are hunting and hunting to find and verify things. Eventually though, at least for me, one day becomes a variation of another that happened as recently as yesterday but probably happened within the last few days. I pursue variety but it is not like that makes each new day completely unique. I make a wide range of fritattas but they are still frittatas and so some ingredients can just be grabbed from a recent list or a previous day.


    I agree, you start to develop your staples and it's easy to just grab the things you eat regularly and copy/paste. There is a learning curve to logging food and unfortunately it's right at the beginning because you have to build your food log "repository" up. After that, it's a bit redundant, but it's not a big deal because so is brushing your teeth, but you do it anyway because the results are worth it.
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    The end justifies the means.
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    I did in the past when I kept giving up. But this time I see it as a learning process more than a record-keeping process. I'm learning not just what calories foods have but sodium, sugar etc, and also whether something is worth the calorie expenditure in terms of how nutritious or nice it is to eat.
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    @vegasgirl0825 are you my doppelgänger?
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    @spiriteagle99 I had to Google doppelgänger. I like the sound and meaning.😊

    Not wanting to sound redundant, I find logging freeing and not at all burdensome. I like to "spend" within my means. The only way to know how much I spend is to log, write down or keep a tab in my head. The app makes it easier to log. If for some reason I am in the place with no internet I still keep track of my CICO. Once you learn the "ropes" it takes minimal effort and time.
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    Kind of .... I don't know that i've ever been bored with it, but it can be frustrating and tedious, especially when you aren't seeing the progress you hope for. Of course there is a means to the end, but some days I just resent having to log my food. Especially if you are in a cycle of disordered eating, or practice self-hate - there can be really hard days coming to terms with logging meals.

    I hope you keep trying and find a way to make it fit in your life where it feels helpful and worth it!
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    There are lots of things that I routinely do that are more boring and uninspiring than food logging, even though I'm now retired so mostly can do what I want to, and no longer even have one of those inconvenient job things that takes up hours and hours every day, some of which were boring and uninspiring. Plus, the 10-15 (max) daily that I spend logging has kept me at a healthy weight for almost 5 years now, and it was much more boring and uninspiring to be obese every single second of every day for the preceding 3 decades or so.

    Adulthood has moments of necessary tedium. I'd suggest learning to find ways to feel happier while doing the necessary ones, or your life is going to be one of (1) quite boring and uninspiring stuff really often, or (2) generally unsuccessful in practical terms.

    If weight loss (or other weight management) is your goal, you don't to have log your food to do it. It's just one relatively straightforward way, but there are others. Maybe one of them will suit you better. I hope you can find one.
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    Put in the work, it's good to have it documented so you can look back and see what does and doesn't work for you.
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    It’s literally 5 min a day for me. And I too mostly prelog and then adjust. I find it fun. But no matter what it takes such a small amount of time that I can’t imagine caring even if I found it boring. I’ve logged every day for a bit under 2 years. On my birthday the log was “birthday 6000 calories” ( lol....I just ate as much of anything I wanted. It’s my only cheat day). 73 pounds gone and have maintained for 11 months now.
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    I find it reassuring. Since I plan my meals in advance, it's not hard to just input them, and seeing I can eat what I like and still stay under calories wise makes me feel I can actually keep this up.