Quicky Meals

EpilepsyWarrior Posts: 56 Member
Sometimes, im either busy, dont feel like cooking or just plain run out of food or forget to take something out. What is your go to meal that doesnt require alot of time or planning?


  • hesn92
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    When I don't have something to cook for dinner 9/10 I am making myself eggs and bacon with toast. And whatever vegetables I have laying around.

    There's also sandwiches and naan pizzas
  • cwolfman13
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    Usually a sandwich of some kind...though for the most part we plan our dinners for the week on the weekend so that we can put together our shopping. Most of our weeknight meals are pretty quick and easy...usually some kind of meat, poultry, or fish on the grill or baked and some kind of veg side.

    Depending on the protein and cooking method, dinner generally takes me anywhere from 10-20 minutes usually. I prefer the grill to anything else.
  • SmallMimi
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    Omelets, fill with whatever you have available
  • teeenabeana
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    Veggie burgers, a quick pasta, stir fry w rice, or tacos with canned beans, diced tomatoes and cheese are my go-to. I also try to always keep homemade soup in the freezer for a quick meal!
  • EpilepsyWarrior
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    just_Tomek wrote: »
    Today is going to be couple papardelle nests, half bunch of rapini, garlic, butter and parmegiano.

    Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.

    Sounds lovely but I have no clue what papardelle nests and rapini are lol Sounds very interesting though 😋
  • oceangirl99
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    Throw protein in the slow cooker before work or however you start your day. (I have sweet and sour chicken cooking right now - it took me literally 45 seconds to throw in frozen chicken breast, brown sugar, vinegar, ketchup and water). Then chop up whatever veg you have, drizzle olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and into the oven to roast. Tada. Literally 5 minutes of work total for a healthy yummy meal.
    Plan B - breakfast for dinner.
    Plan C - a bunch of "stuff" cheese, veggies/dip, pickles, hard-boiled egg, pepperettes, etc.
  • CupcakeCrusoe
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    If I've got meat, I make a "taco bowl." Put in quotes because what goes in the bowl changes based on what I have. Brown the meat, and while it's browning, get the rest of whatever I've got together. Add sauce of some kind to meat. Dump everything in a bowl. Pretty hands off.

    Or sandwiches. Always sandwiches.
  • debc61057
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    For a quick dinner, I brown ground chicken, add taco seasoning, can of black beans (rinsed), pint of fresh salsa and a can of corn drained.
  • Armygirlarmyof1
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    Tuna salad is my go to meal as well as fresh salad fixings that I make up for a few days at a time and then I use the Starkist pouches of either salmon, tuna, or chicken.
  • asthesoapturns
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    Fish. I can have have cod from freezer to plate in 25 mins, same time it takes to bake some fries or cook rice. Saute peppers takes about five minutes.
  • acpgee
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    Four pasta dishes where you make the sauce out of store cupboard ingredients within the 10 minutes it takes to cook the pasta.