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I am back again!

I am not new to this app. I am going to be 55 next week and I am about thirty pounds over my goal weight. I have tried all kinds of diets in the past. I have lost weight only to gain it back. As I get older all of this yo-yo dieting has made it harder to lose weight. Truth be told, I have gotten lazy. I have blamed work stress, life stress, age, diet programs, everything I can to not have to take accountability for my body and health. I have tried just logging my calories and workouts in the past and honestly it doesn't do much for me and I find myself not being honest. I stop logging everything and look for any reason not to exercise. Yep, I am one of those people who need to be told what to do. So here I am back on myfitnesspal. I am actually posting something about myself which I do not normally do. I am not a fan of social media either-I hate facebook. I am hoping that this time things will be different with myfitnesspal using all of the tools it has to offer. I might just join a group. I just read a book on carb cycling for beginners. I want to give it a try. Yes, I know it is another diet program but it looks like something I could do and right now I am not doing anything. So hello everyone. Happy 2020! Here is to a better tomorrow. :)


  • Pool_Boy
    Pool_Boy Posts: 405 Member
    @joggerlady You can do this!!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 41,711 Member
    Welcome back .....I have been on and off this site since 2009 ...I do well then I get derailed and give up ...I have done that too many times ....You are welcome to add me ....would love to cheer/support you while you are on your journey ....Wishing you the very best ...You got this :)
  • Graymanstole
    Graymanstole Posts: 257 Member
    Sometimes it's hard to take an honest look at ourselves and identify the things which have been hampering us our whole lives. Sometimes, it only takes that one moment to change everything. Just remember the path you are on now is a LIFELONG journey. It's doesn't end when a magical, arbitrary number shows up on the scale. Find something that works for you, that you can be comfortable doing long term, and you'll stop the yo-yo dieting. For me, it was controlling the portion sizes that I consume (thank you food scale) and working out (kicking, screaming, cursing the whole time, but I'm working out). I don't restrict anything from my diet. I eat candy. I eat bacon. Ice cream. Chocolate. Chocolate covered bacon. I just eat smaller portions of it to satisfy my cravings.

    Best of luck to you all. Remember this is all about making progress, not being perfect. You'll have good days and (many) bad days. Just don't have a LAST day and you can succeed.