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Hi there friends :) Here I go on my journey once again . At the heaviest I’ve ever been (again). I’ve used mfp before (sporadically) and ww too many times to count. This time is different. I have to do this for my health. I have incompetent veins in my legs and work on my feet all day. Just went through hell with cellulitis in my left leg from a fall while on vacation. Add a plane ride home and insane swelling causing vein damage and.........you have a 45 year old woman who is terrified to lose the use of her leg (or the leg altogether) in the not so distant future. It’s time to take control! I have a 19 day streak going logging my food (takes 21 days to form a habit right?) and I’m walking as much as my leg will allow. Getting better every day. I have a new Fitbit and love crushing those step goals! I’m working on my sleep goals and water goals too. I’ll post weight and such shortly. Just have to get the nerves .


  • sammywjackson
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    After having my third child I’ve been sitting at 270 for far too long. I know I don’t want to end up like my mom, who I love, but she’s not good at taking care of herself. I need to lose the weight so I can feel healthy again. I absolutely hate feeling so unhealthy. Looking to lose 40-60 lbs. maybe more but I feel like I need to set a realistic goal. I’ve used this app on and off for like seven years.... I am really going to try to log in daily and track my progress. Good luck on your journey ladies.
  • rabblescum
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    You are definently not alone. I am another 200 plus trying to lose the weight for health. I need to lose in order to have hip surgery. I am battling the pain from that along with another pelvic joint disfunction, an autoimmune/thyroid condition, chronic migraine, severe anxiety and fatigue issues. I am at day ten and trying to collect steps wherever I can. We can do this, everyday of new habits makes them stronger. Feel free to add me if you'd like.
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    Im a very unhealthy weight. Been fighting it my whole life. Im 34 and ready to be successful in dropping it for my kids! Please add me! I nned support too. Wishing you the best!
  • theML2000
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    Sorry to hear about your legs! Maybe pilates reformer, massage, will help